Meet Our Members - Freight Partners Group

Another radio story about one of our NTPDA Members. While we were in Pennsylvania for our Summer Board Meeting and Mixer we had the opportunity to sit Tom Drew FPG July 2023 down with the President and CEO of Freight Partners Group, Tom Burke and the Director of Sales, Drew RamosFreight Partners Group is a technology driven logistics company that assists large and small businesses who ship everything from small freight to big items just about anywhere. If you ship anything it might be a good idea to listen and then connect with our friends from FPG. And, because they are NTPDA Members the company offers exceptional rates and service to each of you.  Enjoy the conversation and learn more about their technology and mission. 

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In Memory of Steven Haas

Steve Haas, beloved son of William and Julie Haas, unexpectedly passed away in Las Vegas on May 30, 2023. He was born in Ames, Iowa on February 21, Steve Haas October 2022 1961.

Steve's educational journey took him through St. Cecilia grade school, Central Jr. High School and Ames High, where he graduated in 1979. During his time at Ames High, he excelled in wrestling and track, even earning the opportunity to compete in the 1978 Iowa State High School Wrestling Tournament. Despite a knee injury in the semi-final round, which prevented him from advancing to the championship, he ended up in 4th place.

After completing high school, Steve worked as a meat cutter at Save-U-More grocery store in Ames while also running his own tanning business on Main Street. Later, he relocated to Salida, Colorado, where he and his wife operated a small restaurant. Following a debilitating brain abscess, Steve underwent successful corrective surgery at the University of Iowa Hospitals. Subsequently, he moved to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, where he made a remarkable recovery with the support of Minnesota's State assistance programs and his education at St. Thomas University. There Steve completed an Accelerated Mini MBA in Non-Profit Development in 1996 and a short course in Electronic Commerce in 2002. Throughout the years, his lifelong friend Elsom Eldridge provided
invaluable guidance and mentorship.

Steve embarked on a flourishing career in the shipping industry that spanned over 25 years. He poured his heart and soul into his work, investing countless hours to build strong relationships with colleagues, coworkers, and clients. For Steve, merely having a roster of clients wasn't enough; he cultivated deep connections and associations with hundreds of clients.

Whenever Steve visited, he brought with him fabulous food, and his generosity extended to thoughtful and generous gift-giving. He had a genuine interest in listening and providing solutions to others. Steve thoroughly enjoyed engaging college students in conversations about e-commerce and the transportation and logistics industry. Making friends came naturally to Steve, whether it was a bellhop at a casino or a vast radio audience. He held a deep affection for his clients and the industry he served.

Steve had a remarkable talent for storytelling, captivating his audience with his animated and engaging narratives that transported listeners into the heart of the tale. Most of his stories were laced with humor, always aiming to bring laughter to those around him. Steve had a light-hearted and fun-loving nature, particularly enjoying the thrill of shooting off fireworks. His nieces and nephews affectionately referred to him as their "funcle." He delighted in sharing jokes, orchestrating endearing pranks, and had an impressive collection of awful Christmas sweaters. Furthermore, he was known to rally people together for various causes that united them in a common purpose.

Steve is survived by his daughter Kindra (Dave) Mahowald, his granddaughters Danielle, Abby, and Emma Mahowald, his parents Bill and Julie Haas, his brothers Mike (Rhonda), John (Deana), Mark (Cindy), his sister Joan (Greg) Wilson, and his nephews Will (Amber) Haas, Nate Wilson, and August Haas, as well as his nieces Mary (Kristof) Wüthrich and Lauren Wilson.

Family and friends of Steve are invited to gather and visit at St. Cecilia Catholic Church, located at 2900 Hoover Avenue, Ames, Iowa, beginning at 10 am on July 14, 2023. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 11 am, followed by a light lunch in the Church Social Hall where cherished memories will be shared. A brief inurnment ceremony will take place at 2 pm at Ames Municipal Cemetery, located at 310 E 9th Street.

In lieu of flowers, donations in Steve’s memory may be sent to benefit the Annual Fund of the Shakopee Area Catholic School, located at: 2700 17th Avenue East, Shakopee, MN 55379. Internet address: This is the school Steve’s granddaughters attend.

Meet Our Members - T-Force Logistics with John Roehl

We've all been witness to what has been happening with regard to supply chain issues. Much of what has been going on deals with the trucking industry, dock John Roehl TForce January 2022
workers, mega container ships, high fuel prices and a lack of drivers.. There are multiple issues. Here, during our Annual Conference and Trade Show, we visit with John Roehl from T-Force Worldwide a third party logistics provider doing business globally. So many questions and so many answers plus some thoughts on how to engage younger people into the profession. This is well worth your time....

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The award winning Insight on Business the News Hour with Michael Libbie is the only weekday business news podcast in the Midwest. The national, regional and some local business news along with long-form business interviews can be heard Monday - Friday. You can subscribe on PlayerFMPodbeaniTunesSpotifyStitcher or TuneIn Radio. And you can catch The Business News Hour Week in Review each Sunday Noon on News/Talk 1540 KXEL. The Business News Hour is a production of Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications. You can follow us on Twitter @IoB_NewsHour.

The New Year Brings a Freight Acquisition

We recently heard from our National Tractor Parts Dealer Association representative Steven Haas about a new acquisition that he indicates will be a major Tforce Truck and Logo benefit for our NTPDA Members.

TForce Worldwide, a major freight company has acquired not only DLS Worldwide a business unit of R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company which was established in 2006 but also the freight side of UPS, it's less than truckload division. 

According to Steve the new partnerships could not come at a better time.  He tells us that the collective freight spend now exceeds six billion dollars annually and TForce Worldwide has even stronger carrier negotiations than before.

Steve Haas Jan 2019Here is the news directly from TForce Worldwide and what it means for us:

"We won't be immune to these continued carrier increases but we won't be affected like most others. As a matter of fact, our industry intelligence suggests that that carriers will be dialing back many of their re-seller programs and will be pulling their rates from smaller 3pls and many independent brokers.

Here’s what the new TForce partnership brings to our customers and trading partners.

  •  Increased buying power with the SAME online platform and a larger carrier mix.
  •  An enhanced network of LTL carriers with new capabilities to/from/within Canada & Mexico
  •  Enhanced capabilities for full truckload services through an asset- based network with nearly 7000 power units, 8000 drivers and 12000 trailers.
  •  A new range of specialty services with new access to flatbeds, tanker trucks, oversized and specialty equipment.
  •  An improved mix of International capabilities including air freight, ocean freight and a host of intermodal services

There is hope on the horizon with forthcoming vaccines and 2021 will be a promising new year.

TForce Worldwide will flex with these changes and continue to look out for your best interests through stronger carrier negations, an improved range of services, and by looking for new and better ways to increase the value we bring to you.

We appreciate your business and our continued partnership, so please do your best to stay safe and have and prosperous New Year.

TForce Worldwide will remain a “force” within the auto, truck & tractor parts recycling industries and our rates will continue to prevail over the likes of: Priority 1, BlueGrace, GlobalTrans, SAV, Unishippers and Worldwide Express."

For more information and to connect with Steve Haas for an account or quotes you can call him directly at 612-296-1806 or [email protected] 


The Grand Re-Boot - Shipping Issues with Steven Haas

Another in our series of Guest Blogs from our NTPDA Members. This has to do with shipping changes and critical information for our membership and our Steve Haas Image friends from Steven Haas of DLS Worldwide. Also if you would like to hear the audio of the news story that aired this week just click  the audio link below: 

IOB 29 March 2020 Steve Haas Transportation

As of this writing, over twenty states have made "shelter in place" warnings...

The good news is that auto, truck and tractor parts (new, used and remanufactured) have been deemed essential commodities so freight will keep flowing as usual.

These items have been deemed critical commodities because we can assist aid and assist in the uninterrupted supply of the essential replacement parts that keep ambulances, fire trucks and law enforcement vehicles moving not to mention the fact that the parts we supply are also needed to keep trucks and ag equipment running to maintain crucial supply chains that provide food, home deliveries and medical supplies.

The bad news is that more states will inevitably follow, and we expect the remainder of states to put similar orders in place within the first few weeks of April.

During the last several days, I have reached out to a number of Associations within these industry segments in an attempt to get a "pulse" of the situation and assess their respective supply chains. Pretty much all are reporting "business as usual" and that most of their members are still getting things done but sometimes in unusual ways.

One way to look at things is that this is a "Grand Reboot" for both people and businesses and that we have both an opportunity and a responsibility to re-invent ourselves and our business models.

And - we've been here before...when the internet went mainstream in 1995 it forced a somewhat painful and costly re-invention of both business and society, and we all ended up much better off with some incredibly useful technologies in place. Not far after, social media came into play, online commerce began to go gangbusters and now we have the underpinnings in place to both thrive and survive in a challenging new world.

The following are a few simple recommendations that will help you keep your supply chain intact and eliminate complexities and costs:

Deploy a Multi-carrier Platform

For starters, if you’re not already using a multi-carrier rate shop platform you need to get one in place. The DLS platform (available through DLS and/or your association) provides thousands of quality carrier options for all major modes including truckload, partial truckload and less-than truckload (LTL) service. If a carrier suspends service on a national, regional or micro-regional level our customers have more than enough options already in place.

Keep Advised of Carrier Updates

You should also do your best to tune into carrier updates on a daily basis if possible.

The team at DLS Worldwide is doing our best to keep your association professionals advised of carrier embargos, restrictions and/or closures on a daily basis and are encouraging them to pass that information immediately on to you.

Call Ahead to Confirm Pick-ups and Deliveries

Communication is key!

We will do our best to keep you advised of the various carrier changes, restrictions and closures by state. If you need to schedule a pickup or delivery in one of those states we suggest you contact your pickup or delivery location to confirm they are operating and if they have any special needs or protocols for the carriers.

As of now, only a small percentage of our customers within the recycling and remanufacturing sectors have been closed (temporarily) but this one proactive measure can save you a considerable amount of time, money and aggravation.

Stay In Touch With Your Suppliers and Customers

Use those proactive calls to check in with your suppliers and customers to ASK them about their personal health and the health of their businesses. We are all in this TOGETHER so if you take the time to ask those concerned questions and perhaps share some innovative best practices it will help you strengthen and deepen relationships and build goodwill for the future.

Determine What you Can Control and Cannot Control

And finally - remind yourself that there are things that you can control and things that you cannot control. No one was able to predict the gravity of this pandemic but you can do your part to lessen its impact by following governmental recommendations and through the rapid re-invention of your business.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or would like some suggestions about the rapid reinvention of your own supply chain or business. You can reach me at 612-296-1806 or online at [email protected] and I would be more than happy to share my thoughts and ideas.

You can choose to view this as a tragedy or an opportunity – I for one, choose the latter.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Steven P. Haas handles Association Partnerships for DLS Worldwide a 3rd party logistics company based in Chicago Illinois. If you would like to streamline your supply chain and fortify your carrier options he can set you up with a multi-carrier rate shop platform through your association partnership or in free-standing form. If you would like him to perform a courtesy rate review and/or supply chain evaluation you may reach him at the contact information above.

Carrier of the Year - NM Transfer Company Makes the Radio

Trucking...America depends on trucks to haul just about everything we consume. But...have you ever thought about how it all gets from Point A to Point B? Here Mark Steinbach July 2018 we sit down with Mark Steinbach from NM Transfer Company based in Neenah, Wisconsin. We caught up with Mark during the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association (NTPDA) Meeting in Minneapolis where his company won the "Carrier of the Year" from the NTPDA. Member Michael Libbie from Insight on Business the News Hour produced this piece for his business news broadcast Here they talk about fuel, time on the road, employees, regulations, technology and staffing. We bet you'll learn something. 

We had a great time in Minneapolis planning for our next Annual Meeting and Trade Show. Look for announcements coming soon. We're excited!  As always you have news for us, reach out we'd love to hear from you!