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What??? So if Time Is Money - Better Get Going!

Yikes NTPDA Members! This Friday the 16th of December is the cut-off date for hotel reservations for our San Antonio trip! Don't panic but do act because if not you are likely Man Sleeping on Couchto pay a higher rate then our preferred group rate. (These hotels are getting pretty strict with their group rate deadlines.)

You can make your reservations by clicking here and getting signed up

As you know when we contract with a hotel we request a specific number of rooms in our block. If the association doesn't meet that number we pay for them anyway. That's not a good thing!

We've got a great event planned and would love to see you in San Antonio! For more about our event click here.

One more time! Here is your link to get your room reservations made.  

You don't want to sleep on the couch...right?

Thanks and see you in San Antonio!




Be Here Before You Know It

The days go by quickly and so too does your opportunity to same some money on your NTPDA Annual Conference and Trade Show registration. November 30th is the first cut off...but if you get in yet today you'll save $75 per person! Here is a link to the registration forms!

So a quick rundown of the agenda for our San Antonio experience is in order: You will be staying in the beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk Hotel by Wyndham. It is very, very nice and we've arranged for special pricing for our event. Go ahead...have a peek at our accommodations. 


Wednesday January 18, 2017
- Our vendors have setup time at the Fiesta Pavilion. Then we'll hold an early arrival party at Charlie Wants a Burger (we's a little different but, are we!) we'll have music with Jennifer Westwood and the Handsome Devils and more.  Loads of fun for our early birds this is something you will NOT want to miss!

San Antonio SpeakersThursday January 19, 2017 - After breakfast our presenter DJ Harrington will do a "Check Up from the Neck Up". It's a look at your sales and business model. Then, after a break Mel Kleiman will talk about when you hire the right people your management process is much easier. After lunch Crystal Washington will join us to talk about the digital transformation of sales/marketing and how that has impacted our industry. Our "Welcome to San Antonio" reception is that evening starting at 5pm. We'll also be giving our regular members the opportunity to experience our Trade Show.

Friday January 20, 2017 - The Trade Show Floor opens at 9am and we'll have some time to visit in the NTPDA Marketplace.  The annual meeting and election of officers takes place at 11am. Lunch will, again, be served on the Trade Show Floor so we'll have even more time to spend with our vendors. Our Trade Show closes at 4pm and then it's time to get ready for our dinner with entertainment by the Jackie Myers Band.

We're looking forward to seeing each of you in January. Don't forget, register today!!  Our event in San Antonio promises to be fun, educational and a great opportunity to re-connect with all of your NTPDA friends! 


Start Your Trade Show Planning Now!

In just a couple of months we'll be packing up and heading to San Antonio for the 2017 NTPDA Conference and Trade Show. Now is the time to start planning Texas Sample Trade Show Booth for a successful event  After all it costs money to travel, stay at the hotel, take time away from the office and send staff. You really should make it worth the time, money and effort.  Here are several things to get you started:

Associate Member - Exhibitor

  • Small Can Be Large - You don't have to bring EVERYTHING but you do have to be uncluttered. Lots of items often cause confusion and a mess stick to what is HOT or NEW;
  • Use Video - If you can bring one or two large video screens show something interesting about your business, get some testimonials, film something during the event and then play it back. Video will drive an audience.
  • Plan Your Presentation - While our group is small we bet there are several members that you really want to sell. Make a list of five or six and really concentrate on making those connections;
  • Promote Your Attendance - Sure you can send out an email but why not really make an impact. Send what we call a "bump" to your target customers about a month before the show. A "bump" is an envelope with something cool from your company to the attendees. If it is a nice pen...just send the box with a note to come to your booth to pick up the pen in person. Use your imagination;
  • Look Sharp - Wear that logo shirt or sweater and keep your brand alive;
  • Elevate - If you are asking people to sign something or enter something don't make them bend over. Make sure your registration table is at counter height;
  • Turn Off The Cell Phone - We all have voice mail. If you really, really need to make a call excuse yourself from the booth and go elsewhere. Remember the reason you are at the trade show is to sell you and your products/service;
  • Send a Thank You - Don't do the cheap email message. Send a hand written note to your contacts when you get back and let them know you'll be calling; 
  • Follow Up - It does no good to collect business cards or attendee data and then not follow up. Take notes during your conversation and then make sure you follow up a week or two following the show. 

Remember, you are there to represent your company, build relationships and sell something.

The Annual Conference and Trade Show is January 18 - 21, 2017. Be watching for more information and your registration information.



Welcome to Kansas City!

All of us at the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association are pleased you've made the trip to Kansas City to KC Save the Date Front help grow your business!  We've got an exciting line up of speakers, social events and more to keep you busy over the next several days.

Tonight (Wednesday) Danny Byer will help us "Tie One On" with his Danny Byerinformative and useful keynote about networking for a purpose. You want to get more out of your networking efforts?  Danny, an author and well known speaker will help you do just that.  And, he just may have a few books with him so you can continue your efforts and make networking a successful business strategy. 

On Thursday we'll learn about the Sandhills Cloud from our friends at Tractor House. What is it?  How does it work?  Is this the future of...everything?  Those questions and more will be answered. 

Than Mike James from James Environmental will join us for a conversation about OSHA. What might your business do before, during and after an audit.  Important information that could save you thousands of dollars.

After lunch we'll launch into the Marketing Masters Boot Camp. Four solid hours of work to help you hone your marketing, selling and employee management skills. The result, if you do the work and apply the NTPDA_Logo_Camo methods you'll be taught, can result in a thirty to fifty-percent increase in your bottom line. You said you wanted value from your membership...and here it is!

As a reward...sort of...we'll spend Thursday night in a "Welcome to Kansas City" reception. You'll have an opportunity to practice your new-found networking skills and have some one-on-one time with our Marketing Masters. Ask questions and learn more!

On Friday we'll spend time in the NTPDA Marketplace where you'll network, buy stuff and have plenty of time to get ready for our General Session and Election of Officers. Then, it's back to the NTPDA Marketplace and finally off for dinner and cocktails for our closing banquet.

One other thing you should know. We'll be filming some of the events for our success reel and next year's marketing. Just so you know!  And the Hashtag for the event is #NTPDA16

Welcome to Kansas City!!  This is going to be...EPIC!

We're OPEN!

This week has been a blur as we've opened up Early Bird Registration for our 2016 Early BirdAnnual Meeting and Trade Show scheduled for January 20 - 23 in the "Heart of America", Kansas City.  We've got some exciting things planned that, we believe, will help you grow your business by adding more revenue to your bottom line.

Here is a link to the Program at a Glance so you know what you're in for.

Here is the link for the Early Bird Registration so you can save some money!

NTPDA_Logo_CamoYour Board of Directors has been working hard to make sure we bring you real value for your membership dollar and that this Kansas City NTPDA Boot Camp delivers in a new and exciting way.

So, don't delay...we already know you've "Saved the Date" now save some money and get your business registered.

By the way, if you use Twitter the Hashtag this year is #NTPDA16 let's use it to keep in touch!

As always, there will be "more to come"...we're just getting started!

Getting to MEMPHIS!

We have lots of fun at NTPDA!  So, we thought it might be a good idea to have some fun with this video about our 2015 Annual Conference and Trade Show.  We asked our member, Michael Libbie from Insight Advertising to come up with something fun and interesting.  We think he did pretty well:


So, let's get going!  Make your reservations TODAY by clicking this LINK TO REGISTER and make plans to come, learn, have fun and build a better business! We'll see you in Memphis...  Now, just where is Michael?

Thank You!

Thank You Little BoyYou'll be reading more about this in The NTPDA Bulletin but we wanted you to know how grateful we are that you took the time to complete our survey late last month.  The results have been sent on to the Board of Directors and it's going to be a top discussion topic during our Board Meeting that takes place in Omaha in April.

Because of your input we're expecting the Board to make some changes in our Annual Meeting and Trade Show next year in Memphis.  Yes...we're going back to Memphis!  More coming about that...but this post is simply to thank those of you who took a few moments to offer us feedback about your association. 

Thanks again!!

Tucson & Tractors - Memories

Tucson welcomed the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association with open arms and Tucson Images we had a fantastic time.  From the welcome party right on through the board meeting on Saturday.  Friends meeting with friends and all of us promoting the association, each other and looking forward to creating more business in 2014 and more success. (You can click on the image to make it larger.)

Being a member of NTPDA is not only rewarding, from a business standpoint, but also we bring a world of relationships to each of our active members. 

On behalf of everybody who worked so hard to put together a successful event in Tucson thank you, thank you, thank you!


Packing Our Bags for Tucson!

Not sure if we should sing "Leavin' on a Jet Plane" or not but we're excited about the Jet National Tractor Parts Dealer Association annual meeting and trade show coming up in just a few weeks.  We're "Tucson Bound" and can't wait to lay eyeballs on our friends from the United States and Canada.

We've just sent out some information about the trade show for those of you who are exhibiting.  And, as always, if you've got questions give us a call.

Now, GO PACK THOSE BAGS!  See you soon! 

And now for some entertainment to help you get through the day!



Earlybird Discount Extended!

We've extended the discounts for the NTPDA Annual Conference and Trade Show Man Clock through Friday, December 6!  That means that if you register here right now you'll save a bundle on your registration for Tucson in January.  But you better HURRY!!!  The clock is ticking!

And, for those of you who have not yet seen this have a look!


We'll see you in Tucson for the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association big event "Operation Restoration"!

Get registered today by clicking right...HERE.