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Let's Talk NTPDA Scholarships!

It's that time!  The opportunity for NTPDA to help a student continue or start classes at the university, college or trade school level. And all you need to do is Diploma Scholarship apply.  Here are the details:

The 2024 NTPDA Scholarship Application is now available on our website here.  The NTPDA Scholarship Program is open to NTPDA members, employees of members, and dependents of members and employees who are planning to enroll full-time (12 or more credit hours) at an accredited trade school, college, or university for 2024 – 2025 academic year.   

NTPDA will award 10 trade scholarships and 15 collegiate scholarships. If there are less than 10 trade applicants, the remaining scholarships will go to collegiate applicants. The top two applicants will be awarded $5,000 each and the remaining scholarships will be $3,000 each with the sponsoring company contributing $500 towards the scholarship award per recipient.  NTPDA will invoice companies following the selection of the recipients and one check will be sent to the recipient from NTPDA in the full amount. The lifetime maximum an applicant may receive a NTPDA scholarship is two.  There is a limit of two scholarships awarded per paid membership per year.  This includes Regular, Associate and Affiliate members.  Additional details are available on the front page of the application.

Scholarship awards are based on academic achievement, extra-curricular/community activities, evidence of leadership, work experience, short- and long-term career goals, and the applicant's overall response to each of the questions on the application.  Financial need is not considered in the review process and there is no distinction made on race, religion or gender of the applicant.

We hope to see YOUR application soon! 

Reach Every NTPDA Member!

You have a product or a service to sell; use The Bulletin to get your message out to our NTPDA Membership. Each quarter we produce a high quality magazine Bulletin Summer Cover 2022 designed to inform, entertain and educate our membership about a host of issues like best marketing practices, highlighting member benefits, member news, member interviews, upcoming events, photo memories, articles from staff and elected officers of our association. 

We not only create the magazine but we also post each edition on our NTPDA website where advertisers get "hot links" directly to their latest offering or website. You can see a sample of that page here.

And cost? We haven't raised our prices in years. Because The Bulletin is created "in house" our only costs are publishing, printing and postage. You can find our rates and sizes here.

The deadline for the June 2023 Edition is May 18 and we'd love to get your message into our magazine.  So, if you are interested in promoting your products or services to our world-wide membership let's talk. You can send your articles and ads to [email protected] or give us a call at 877-668-0900.  

Thanks for being a matters.


2023 Scholarship Deadline March 15

Welcome to March NTPDA Members! We can almost feel it in the air.  And because March is upon us so too is the 2023 Scholarship Deadline. March 15 is the Diploma Scholarship date when all scholarship applications must reach our office in Texas.  But first some NTPDA Scholarship details:

This year NTPDA will award 10 trade scholarships and 15 collegiate scholarships. If there are less than 10 trade applicants, the remaining scholarships will go to collegiate applicants. The top two applicants will be awarded $5,000 each and the remaining scholarships will be $3,000 each with the sponsoring company contributing $500 towards the scholarship award per recipient.  NTPDA will invoice companies following the selection of the recipients and one check will be sent to the recipient from NTPDA in the full amount following proper documentation*. The lifetime maximum an applicant may receive a NTPDA scholarship is two. There is a limit of two scholarships awarded per paid membership per year.  This includes Regular, Associate and Affiliate members. 

These scholarships are awarded to deserving students who are NTPDA members, employees of members, or dependents of members or employees.  Scholarship applications are open to U.S. and Canadian graduating high school seniors, trade school or college students enrolling full-time (12 or more credit hours) toward a diploma, certificate, or degree at an accredited trade school, college, or university.   Completed applications must be accompanied by written verification of affiliation with a NTPDA member company and a Recommendation Letter from someone outside of the sponsoring company or your family.

Here is the LINK to the NTPDA Scholarship Page and the application.  Remember the deadline is March let's go!

*Scholarship recipients must provide evidence to the NTPDA office that college registration is complete before scholarship funds are disbursed.  Upon receipt of such evidence, the NTPDA will issue a check to the recipient.


The Bulletin for 2023!

Many of you know that we've revamped the official publication of the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association...The Bulletin. Each quarter a new edition December 2022 COVER comes out and is not only sent to every member in the U.S. and Canada but is also posted on our website. We do that so everybody has access to our member news, information and see what our advertisers want you to know.

This is a great way to connect with our membership. Perhaps you've not been to a Summer Meeting or to the NTPDA Annual Conference and Trade Show but you want to get your products or services seen by our entire membership. This is a great way for you to connect and share with them who you are and what you have.  And advertising rates are low. Here is a link to sizes and rates.  Also you should know that we've not increased the prices for the ads.

Yes, there are DEADLINES.  Creating this quarterly magazine takes several weeks so we've got to have some firm deadlines for article and advertising submissions.  To get The Bulletin out to our membership in a timely manner...we just have to do it this way.  So, alright already...what are the deadlines!

The March issue or Spring Edition deadline is February 16

For the Summer Edition that comes out in June the deadline is May 18.

The Fall Edition that will hit in September the deadline is August 17.

The Winter Edition, that will be delivered just ahead of our Annual Conference in December, has a deadline of November 16.

Please write these dates down. It's always great to work with our members to produce a high value, high quality piece. 

Should you need help in creating an ad or updating an ad we are here.

Final question:  "Can non-members advertise in The Bulletin?"  Yes they can however the rates are double those of our members.  So, it's best to join our association and get a better rate.

Questions or comment?  Call me at 515-707-7699 or [email protected].


Getting Closer to Nashville 2023 - NTPDA

On the off chance that you need a nudge to head to Nashville for #NTPDA23 here you go.  We've had a large number of members telling Nashville Skyline us that the revised schedule focusing more on the social aspect of our group is a big draw.  From the Jack Daniels Tour to the "Cornhole Tournament" to the great Trade Show and a host of things to see and do in "Music City" this is quite the adventure. Wanna see what we're going to be doing and be able to register? Sure you do and here is the agenda and the registration link and yes, you can still save money if you register before the 31st.

Plus, NTPDA will be "buying down" your room cost by $150 a night for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. That too should be a draw! 

One other thing to tease you about.  Our Early Arrival Party will take place on Thursday starting at 5:00PM and here is our entertainment for that evening.  Meet Hayley Payne!


We are soooooo looking forward to seeing you in Nashville for #NTPDA23!!

Bulletin Deadline Coming Up!

Hello Members!  A reminder that the deadline for our Conference and Trade Show Bulletin is the 16th of November.  This is a great opportunity for you to MPL Clock
reach every member in our association with your message/advertisement prior to going to Nashville.  We're on a really tight turnaround this time because we want to get the Bulletin to you well before the middle of December. 

So, if you've got business news or if you are advertising with new copy we're going to need that before the 16th.  If you are in the holiday mood you can also send holiday greetings to your members with a small ad. You can send your ad and presser to [email protected].  Please be aware of the really matters with this edition.  So you have ad information here is a LINK to the ad sizes and rates.

One more thing Kim and I just finished our weekly phone meeting and I can share with you we've received lots of registrations for our Nashville event in January. This looks to be a fantastic conference and trade show.  To get registered you can follow this LINK.

Thank you for being a member!

Michael & Kim

Three Important Things!

Look, we know you are busy so we won't take up much time...however, there are THREE important things to share with you right here, right now.  

Early Registration for Nashville Renaissance Hotel Room 2022

It's already shaping up to be a popular Conference & Trade Show and what is really neat is that you'll not have to pay the hotel nightly rate of $270.00 plus tax. The NTPDA Board has authorized a "buy-down" of your hotel rate for Thursday, Friday and Saturday of $150 per night. That means your nightly rate for those three nights comes in at $120.00 plus tax. That, friends is a significant savings.  So, that is "Thing One" about registration. "Thing Two" is that if you register, using THIS LINK you'll also save money. Registration is $300 per person until the end of October and then it jumps to $375 per person for November/December.  We've already had a number of people register and we encourage you to do it now.

The Whova App

Whova Ad Capture ImageThis is also some really big news. We're using an application that will be on your smartphone. The Whova App is a great way to connect with other NTPDA Members and Guests.  When you register you'll be getting a link to download the app that features photos, contact information and a way for you to connect with our trade show displayers.  Plus you'll be able to ask us questions and more.  This is a total game changer.  That is "Thing One" about Whova. "Thing Two" is an advertising opportunity for your company to be placed on the app so that you can promote products and services to attendees. The cost for that is just $500 and Whova stays live for weeks following our event in January. For more about this opportunity contact Kim or Michael for details. We think you're going to love it. Want to LEARN MORE?  Check out this VIDEO

The December Bulletin

And, finally the deadline for entry into the 2022 Conference and Trade Show Bulletin is November 16.  We're on a really tight schedule because we want to get it into your hands well before the holidays.  So...if you have news about your business or if you want to take this opportunity to highlight your presence at our Conference and Trade Show...let's get this done.  You can send your news and your ad directly to Michael via email: [email protected] 

CORNHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cornhole Ladies

OK, I lied...there is a fourth thing.  We're seeking sponsors to help us with the two prizes we're doing for our brand new Cornhole Tournament. First Prize is a cool $1,000 and second place walks away with $500. If you would like to sponsor this event (and it's already starting to fill up) let's do it.  You can contact Kim or Michael to reserve your place.  [email protected] or [email protected] 

OK, that's it and under 500 words!

It's Going To Be Awesome!

Very soon we're going to be sending out a link, by email, to those of you who have registered for our Annual Conference and Trade Show scheduled for Whova Logo January 19 - 21 in Nashville. The link will take you to the Whova Event & Conference App which will give you the power to communicate with other conference attendees, post photos, make appointments, check the agenda, gather contact data at the trade show booth, experience some great contests and more. This also means that we'll be going mostly paperless in January.

Over the summer Kim has been working on making sure this will be a positive experience and we're almost at launch. When you get your notice via email you can start to build your profile in the app. That would include your photo, details about your company, contact information, etc. 

Whova Ad Capture ImageOne more thing. The Whova App also allows you to market your company to attendees. Yes, there is advertising space that scrolls from page to page. The Board has recommended that  advertising space be sold to our membership at $500 per advertiser and we already have two spots taken!  You can advertise your website, special deals and more. It's a new and exciting way to market your company to our membership. And, the app stays live for weeks after the event. If you would like to claim an advertising spot connect with Kim by email, [email protected] or me at [email protected] and we'll get you hooked up.

Also a reminder that you can register for our Annual Conference and Trade Show now and save.  Here is that link, and check out how fancy this looks...also another big change. 

We hope you'll engage with this new technology because it will truly enhance your experience. So, you know, I've used the Whova App at several national events and it's really slick.  Be watching for your email invite and thank you for being a member!

Michael & Kim

Brand New: The NTPDA Job Board

It’s something NEW and something we hope will be a great benefit for our NTPDA Members. During the Summer Board Meeting the NTPDA Board of Directors Jobs Image Web Size gave approval for the staff to create a Job Board to assist in helping our membership post open positions. This benefit is for both Regular and Associate Members.

How does it work? All you have to do is send us a job posting (Position, Location, Hours, General Requirements, Contact and How to Apply) and we will create the post and place it in our Job Board section on our website.  Visitors can then search by state to find available jobs.  We will also link directly to your website so the perspective candidates can know more about your business.

We know how tough it is to find and retain good help and we hope this free benefit will enable you to expand your search beyond your local area.

We expect there may be some early issues as we’ve never done this before however, we think this should work smoothly once we (and you) get the hang of it.

The Job Posting should be in a Word or PDF document and sent to [email protected]. Kim will be creating the post for the website. Let us know if you have questions.  Thank you for being an NTPDA Member!

Michael & Kim

The Summer Bulletin

We get it it's still Spring and we're talking about the Summer Edition of The Bulletin.  That's because we're already working on it and this is your reminder that Bulletin Summer Cover Web our deadline for submission of news and advertising is May 18. While that might look like a "long way off" it's really not. In fact we've already received new ads for our summer issue. Thank you!

A reminder that a hard copy of The Bulletin goes to every Regular and Associate Member in the U.S. and Canada. It's a great way to let your fellow members know about you and what you offer. In addition the online issue (which you can see here) has links from your ad to your website so our online friends can visit you directly.  That's just one of the many new changes we've made during the past year.

Finally, we're always looking for news about you and your business. Our goal is to make The Bulletin a resource and a place where we can help tell your story. So, if you've got news let us know! Shoot me an email or call 877-668-0900 and let's talk.

And, as a "sneak peek" the image you see here is our Summer Edition cover.  

Thank you for being a does matter.