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Members Share Their Story

While NTPDA was in Kansas City for our Annual Meeting and Trade Show several of our members wereNTPDA16 KC WEB
interviewed for the radio broadcast of Insight on Business the News Hour. Each was asked to explain what their business was about and what was their biggest business concern moving forward. 

We think you'll have lots in common with their answers and our thanks to the Business News Hour for providing us this audio so we could share it with our members.

Those who sat for the interview included: 

  • Mike Prieb from Buhler, Kansas
  • John Dyke from Downing, Wisconsin
  • Brian Kitch from Bourbon, Indiana
  • Randy Anderson from Bluffton, Ohio
  • Kendell Jensen from Thief River Falls, Minnesota
  • Jim & Richard Cook from Clinton, Missouri
  • Mike Winter from Sioux Falls, South Dakota

IOB 22 Jan NTPDA Voices

Click above for the podcast interview!

Thanks for being members and for voicing your issues. You need to know we were listening and we are making plans to respond to your shared concerns. Together, perhaps, we can work on solutions.

Let's DO IT in Kansas City!

How About Kansas City!

We've cooked up this NTPDA video to remind you that we'll soon be gathering in Kansas City for our Annual Meeting and Trade Show.  Lots and lots of things are being offered this year, just for the price of your registration. Which, by the way, is STILL at a DISCOUNTED PRICE if you CLICK THIS LINK before Wednesday!

Below we've got a NEW VIDEO for you. Some of the highlights from Memphis and a look ahead to our time together in Kansas City.  Go on...know anybody? 


We look forward to seeing YOU in Kansas City where you'll learn to build a better business!

Want To Make A Bet?

You Can’t Build A Business From Your Couch Gut on Couch

Coming up in Kansas City you’re going to receive REAL VALUE for your Membership in NTPDA and REAL VALUE with the Marketing Masters Bootcamp. So, why is this different and what can you expect?  Glad I asked. 

Want to make a bet?  

Understand that never have I sold a tractor part. Never! However my bet is that I can sell it or a thousand other products/services better than you and grow a business faster. How can that be true?  Because I understand there are THREE ways to grow a business…any business: 

  • Drive potential customers using a purpose driven marketing mix;
  • Improve existing sales techniques that convert lookers into buyers;
  • Extract more revenue from each of your existing customers.

There it is, three things you’ll learn to do during the Marketing Masters Bootcamp in Kansas City in January.  A program that sells for $500 per person at seminars across the nation…yours FREE with your registration to NTPDA16. 

You can stay home and do the same old thing that boosts sales by (maybe) six to eight percent or you can come and learn proven methods that can, if you work it, boosts your bottom line by thirty to fifty percent. 

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Did You Make It!

Today Image

Today is the Day!

Hey! Now that our "Turkey Induced Coma" is history we want to remind you that TODAY is the final day to save $75 on your registration for our Annual Meeting/Trade Show & Sales Training event in Kansas City! You can click the TODAY image above to get to our registration page!
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Thank You Early Birds!
If you sign up today, here is the link, you'll join these "Early Birds" who figured..."Sure, seventy-five bucks is seventy-five bucks!":
  • Abilene Machine, Inc. (Doug says, "Yes, yes I did save $75 per registration!")
  • All States Ag Parts (His Highness shall grace us with his bad self & others!)
  • Allied Information Services (We need to send you the video with Eric!)
  • Alto Products
  • Area Diesel Service
  • Atlantic Quality Parts
  • Gap Tractor Parts
  • Hoober, Inc. (So do you know WHERE they are from? We need that story!)
  • Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications (Sorry, we HAD to let them back in...)
  • Kern County Tractor Parts
  • Leaders Salvage (Glen is coming! Glen is coming!)
  • Mac Tractor Parts
  • Maxiforce (Story is they are bringing warm weather!)
  • Mylex International (Bringing the bird?)
  • Northern Radiator
  • Parts Express
  • Reliable Aftermarket Parts (Beaver Hat Bill coming?)
  • Reubicon International
  • Rock Valley Tractor Parts (Ask about Lance Armstong!)
  • Schaefer Enterprises
  • Southeast Tractor Parts (All the way from South Carolina!)
  • Sparex
  • Sturgeon's Corner
  • Wengers of Myerstown (See their cool videos?)
  • Worthington Tractor Parts (We're still talking about our great visit!)
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See you in Kansas City!

Welcome eShipperUSA to NTPDA!

The Board of Directors of the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association (NTPDA) has EShipperUSA Logoapproved the Associate Member Status Application for eShipperUSA!  We thought you might like to meet Sal and hear a bit more about the company.

Estalished in 2005, eShipperUSA has strong relationships with major airlines, couriers and trucking companies and they have been named as NTPDA’s preferred small package carrier. 

Sal will be reaching out to you to introduce himself and his service offering - he is  a direct provider of all major small package services and has some great options for your domestic and international freight activities!

Sal has agreed to provide a courtesy freight analysis to all NTPDA members and he will also be attending the January convention in Kansas City so you may want to visit with him about your transportation program.

Welcome Sal and eShipperUSA!

Wengers of Myerstown - A Family Affair

Every so often NTPDA does a quick profile of a member.  Last week we asked Molly Wengers LogoDubble if she would check in with the Wenger Family of Wengers of Myerstown a company that has been serving the agricultural and construction industries since 1946. We thought the stories she shared with us is typical of a closely held family company and we're proud they are members of the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association.

"Last week I had the chance to speak to Lloyd Wenger.  His father, Carl Wenger founded the business in 1946.  Lloyd is the oldest of the seven Wenger children, all of whom are actively involved in the family owned and operated business. (Photo of Carl and his wife Margaret  with the family.)

G1-G2 Spring 2014 PhotoWe talked about several different topics but two stories really resonated with me.  Lloyd was sharing about the work he does selling equipment and parts and online. He told me that Wengers of Myerstown has been rated by over 5,800 people on a ratings website and the company has received a 100% Customer Satisfaction Rating. That says so much about how the family and the company take care of their customers.

He then told me about a recent trip to the bank during which the bank teller thanked him for being a loyal patron of the bank since 1950.  Sixty-five years with the same bank!  That says something about loyalty.

I also spoke to the youngest of the Wenger children, Rose.  Rose oversees the Human Resources tasks for the business and while we were talking she shared the stories of Daryl, Donnie and Leon.  All are employees that have been with the company for over 35 years.  Leon’s story goes even further.  His father Paul worked at Wengers of Myerstown for nearly 25 years and Leon’s son, Kurtis began working for the business over five years ago. 

So why share these stories?

It’s anecdotes like these that tell the story of Wengers of Myerstown.  It is an organization that, above all else, values its customers, business partners, and employees.  Most importantly, it does so while providing quality construction and agricultural equipment and parts as well as machining services and quality used motorcycles.  Wengers of Myerstown is pleased to be able to provide these products and services to our customers and our friends, the members of NTPDA.

Thanks Molly we sure enjoyed learning more about the family and the business! 

Rock Valley Tractor Parts

Rock Valley Tractor PartsNational Tractor Parts Dealer Association member spotlight this week showcases long time member Rock Valley Tractor Parts

Rock Valley Tractor Parts has been in business since 1938 and has a large, centrally located facility in Rock Valley, IA.  They sell Used, Rebuilt and New tractor parts to farmers, ranchers, restorers, dealers, and other salvage yards.  They are proud of the reputation they have built in the 70+ years of doing business by working with many reputable vendors to give their customers the best quality parts at the lowest possible price.

Their entire inventory of over 150,000 part numbers is on the computer and they are ready to ship.  That means there are over 5,000,000 parts cataloged and inspected so when customers call they can ship the part the same day it is ordered.  They don’t have to go pull it off the tractor and hope it is good, and that saves customers money and downtime.  For orders over $1,000 they will include a free RVTP T-shirt as well.

To learn more about Rock Valley Tractor Parts visit their website at  

Welcome New Member - Reubicon International

ReubicontractorslogoWe're always proud to lift up new and existing members of the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association (NTPDA).  Today we showcase Reubicon International out of Austin, TX.  What is it they bring to our membership?  Here you go:

The owners of Reubicon International, Deepak Marwah, and his wife, Seema Marwah, opened their Deepak Marwah doors in Austin in 2005. Along with their 35 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing OEM parts, they use their large sourcing base and network in India to provide high quality parts at the best possible prices. Not only do they serve the distributors, but with the help of online conduits they are able to serve the end users of these products as well. As of 2014, they have served nearly 3,000 individual customers worldwide. They are expanding their inventory almost daily to accommodate this ever growing industry and the specific needs of every customer. The focus has always been first and foremost to serve the requirements of every customer by offering special orders Seema Marwahfor hard to find parts, fast shipping, and direct contact to a real person for all questions and concerns-- 7 days a week. This company cares about getting their customers back up and running and back in business quickly at a price that’s fair. The shelves stay stocked with a variety of filters, switches, lamps, hydraulic pumps and power steering cylinders, repair kits, engine parts, brake and clutch parts, seats and cushions. They are rated as “Top Rated Sellers” on Ebay and also a BBB accredited company. They have an expertise with an excellent manufacturing base for hydraulic and power steering cylinders with a variety of product applications, metal fabricated parts, injection molded parts, ignition and other switches for tractors. 


We take this opportunity to welcome Reubicon International to our NTPDA family.  To learn more about their business here is the link to the Reubicon International website.


Mylex International Inc

Mylex International Inc (3)Mylex International Inc. will be one of the exhibitors at the 2015 National Tractor Parts Dealer Association’s Conference and Trade Show in Memphis, TN, in January.  Their booth is always fun and interesting with different themes and last year was the infamous Pirate theme.

Beginning in 1980 as Nozzle Recon and only reconditioning nozzles…Mylex International Inc was "reborn" in 1995, operating out of
Mendenhall, MS.  The great group of people working at Mylex now remanufacture diesel fuel injection pumps, injectors, and turbo chargers Mylex photo 1 in addition to most of the costly internal parts of a fuel system. Which in the long run will save you time and money.  They will rebuild the parts instead of just replacing with new, and still give you that 1 year warranty!  They have a variety of exchange cores on hand to get you moving faster or they can rebuild your cores.  Give Mylex a call with any of your fuel injection needs, either old or new equipment.


Why I Joined NTPDA

I just got my copy of The Bulletin and that caused me to THINK, really THINK about why in the world I ever joined the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association.  And, it was one word:

Business Social5

While that may have been my motivating factor years ago the reason I stay connected
to NTPDA today is more complex.  Sure, business is part of it and we're grateful to have been the agency of record for NTPDA's more.

You see, I really LIKE the people that belong to this organization.  From the staff, who has always been wonderful to me and our crew, to the Board who changes yet stays committed to the efforts of us all, to the Members who fight like hell on a daily basis to build a life for themselves and their families and my fellow Associate Members who, like me, originally joined to "do business".

Jack McFarlandI have become friends, true friends, with so many of you. We have shared life and death struggles, happy and tearful moments and a drink or three and it has been rewarding and added to my quality of life.

So, that's why I joined NTPDA and why I'm staying.  How about you?

One more thing?  I look forward to seeing you in Memphis next year and here is a place where you can register.

Thanks for reading!

Michael Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications