Board of Directors

Showing Gratitude

It's November and we're coming up on the American holiday of Thanksgiving. It's a time when family and friends gather to express our combined gratitude for San Diego Beach Image all that we have and reflect a bit on the past year. It's also the start of the busy holiday season. It's...all good.

At the same time we're gearing up for our Annual Conference and Trade Show that will happen in Southern California. San Diego is not only beautiful but also warm this time of year.  You should know that your staff has been working on this for months and the early indication is we're going to have many new faces with us. If you're on the fence when it comes to attending consider the benefits of joining us.

  • Face Time - You'll have the opportunity to visit with the decision makers of our association and that gets business done;
  • Learning Time - Our speaker is an expert on "generational differences" in the workplace. You've got to hear this;
  • Social Time - Our group is not afraid of having a good time and we spread that cheer all around;
  • Marketing Time - How can you better market your products and services? We're here to help;
  • Giving Time - Once again we'll be raising funds for St. Jude's Hospital and Clinic. A worthy cause.

Today it's time to make that decision and join us. Here is a link for the agenda as well as the registration link. This is truly the time to act.

Finally your Board and Staff are so very grateful you are an NTPDA Member. Our group has grown over the past sixteen months and you've been most generous in renewing your membership fee. In addition many of you have made a contribution to this years event. We thank you and we'll be sharing that message of gratitude in the weeks to follow and also make a big splash in California come January.

Thank you for being a does matter! 

Wengers of Myerstown - Meet Jake Walmer

Last month NTPDA held our Summer Board Meeting and Social in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. It was an amazing trip. So much Jake Walmer July 2023 history and things to see and do. (Like dining at an inn that George Washington frequented.) Along with our Board we had a number of members join us for the weekend. Our host was Wengers of Myerstown a multi-generation company that is seriously crushing it when it comes to construction and agricultural parts. Here we sit down with family member Jake Walmer and talk about the past, present and future.  How this company has continued to expand, where their market is and how technology has made a huge difference in overall sales. Oh, one other thing the Wengers Foundation has given millions of dollars to local non-profits. It's part of their mission.  Here's Jake...

Thanks for listening!

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In Memory of Steven Haas

Steve Haas, beloved son of William and Julie Haas, unexpectedly passed away in Las Vegas on May 30, 2023. He was born in Ames, Iowa on February 21, Steve Haas October 2022 1961.

Steve's educational journey took him through St. Cecilia grade school, Central Jr. High School and Ames High, where he graduated in 1979. During his time at Ames High, he excelled in wrestling and track, even earning the opportunity to compete in the 1978 Iowa State High School Wrestling Tournament. Despite a knee injury in the semi-final round, which prevented him from advancing to the championship, he ended up in 4th place.

After completing high school, Steve worked as a meat cutter at Save-U-More grocery store in Ames while also running his own tanning business on Main Street. Later, he relocated to Salida, Colorado, where he and his wife operated a small restaurant. Following a debilitating brain abscess, Steve underwent successful corrective surgery at the University of Iowa Hospitals. Subsequently, he moved to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, where he made a remarkable recovery with the support of Minnesota's State assistance programs and his education at St. Thomas University. There Steve completed an Accelerated Mini MBA in Non-Profit Development in 1996 and a short course in Electronic Commerce in 2002. Throughout the years, his lifelong friend Elsom Eldridge provided
invaluable guidance and mentorship.

Steve embarked on a flourishing career in the shipping industry that spanned over 25 years. He poured his heart and soul into his work, investing countless hours to build strong relationships with colleagues, coworkers, and clients. For Steve, merely having a roster of clients wasn't enough; he cultivated deep connections and associations with hundreds of clients.

Whenever Steve visited, he brought with him fabulous food, and his generosity extended to thoughtful and generous gift-giving. He had a genuine interest in listening and providing solutions to others. Steve thoroughly enjoyed engaging college students in conversations about e-commerce and the transportation and logistics industry. Making friends came naturally to Steve, whether it was a bellhop at a casino or a vast radio audience. He held a deep affection for his clients and the industry he served.

Steve had a remarkable talent for storytelling, captivating his audience with his animated and engaging narratives that transported listeners into the heart of the tale. Most of his stories were laced with humor, always aiming to bring laughter to those around him. Steve had a light-hearted and fun-loving nature, particularly enjoying the thrill of shooting off fireworks. His nieces and nephews affectionately referred to him as their "funcle." He delighted in sharing jokes, orchestrating endearing pranks, and had an impressive collection of awful Christmas sweaters. Furthermore, he was known to rally people together for various causes that united them in a common purpose.

Steve is survived by his daughter Kindra (Dave) Mahowald, his granddaughters Danielle, Abby, and Emma Mahowald, his parents Bill and Julie Haas, his brothers Mike (Rhonda), John (Deana), Mark (Cindy), his sister Joan (Greg) Wilson, and his nephews Will (Amber) Haas, Nate Wilson, and August Haas, as well as his nieces Mary (Kristof) Wüthrich and Lauren Wilson.

Family and friends of Steve are invited to gather and visit at St. Cecilia Catholic Church, located at 2900 Hoover Avenue, Ames, Iowa, beginning at 10 am on July 14, 2023. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 11 am, followed by a light lunch in the Church Social Hall where cherished memories will be shared. A brief inurnment ceremony will take place at 2 pm at Ames Municipal Cemetery, located at 310 E 9th Street.

In lieu of flowers, donations in Steve’s memory may be sent to benefit the Annual Fund of the Shakopee Area Catholic School, located at: 2700 17th Avenue East, Shakopee, MN 55379. Internet address: This is the school Steve’s granddaughters attend.

The Summer Board Meeting

We're getting things set for our Summer Board Meeting coming up July 14 - 16 in beautiful Scottsboro, Alabama. Our host will be President Trey Russell Russells Tractor Logo and his Bride, Erica and we'll also have the opportunity to catch up with Pat Russell a former NTPDA President and founder of Russell's Tractor Parts.    From our early registrations we're looking about thirty folks coming to the event. Now, so you know, this is not only about a meeting but it's also a social gathering.  There will be fishing, a hospitality room and a great tour of Russell's Tractor Parts.

And, yes, we'll be posting photos on our social media sites where you can follow along.  Find us @NTPDA on Twitter and our Facebook Page is here.

We're so looking forward to seeing our Board Members and several other Members who will be joining us in Scottsboro!

See you all soon and safe travels! 

NTPDA Leadership with Scott Schelling and Trey Russell

Over 40 years ago a group of agriculture equipment recyclers got together and formed the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association (NTPDA). The group was small and mostly confined to the United States. Today the association has members not only in the Trey and Scott KC July 2021 U.S. but also Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom and Malaysia. Here I sit down with Scott Schelling the Immediate Past President and owner of Rock Valley Tractor Parts of Iowa and Trey Russell the incoming President and second generation to Russell's Tractor Parts of Alabama during our time at our Annual Conference and Trade Show. We talk about what they've gotten out of the association and what may be coming in the future.  Plus a "Shout Out" about the Summer Mixer coming in July. 

Thanks for listening!

The award winning Insight on Business the News Hour with Michael Libbie is the only weekday business news podcast in the Midwest. The national, regional and some local business news along with long-form business interviews can be heard Monday - Friday. You can subscribe on PlayerFMPodbeaniTunesSpotifyStitcher or TuneIn Radio. And you can catch The Business News Hour Week in Review each Sunday Noon on News/Talk 1540 KXEL. The Business News Hour is a production of Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications. You can follow us on Twitter @IoB_NewsHour.

Oh My!!! NTPDA22 in Kansas City

OMG! This is going to be amazing! Your Board just got back from our NTPDA Summer Board Meeting and facility review of our host hotel for our Annual Conference and NTPDA 2022 Harrahs Board Gordon Ramsay Steak Trade Show as we return to Kansas City in January. What a fantastic location and it's already promising to be a huge event.

As you know we were unable to go to Nashville in 2021. Since then we've been working on putting together an amazing event for 2022. We've already been on the phone getting companies to commit to attending, some for the first time in years. And, we've got plenty of surprises in the works that will make this Annual Conference and Trade Show one of the best we've had in a very long time. 

The Facility

NTPDA 2022 Harrahs HotelWe'll be at Harrah's Hotel & Casino in North Kansas City. Even for those of you who are not into gambling this is a fantastic location and facility. The gaming rooms are separate from much of the hotel...but there if you wish. The hotel is just minutes from Downtown Kansas City but, because we're not directly in the city center, our room rates are really quite low. But, that's not all. We're working on setting up a credit for each night you stay with us on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It's called motivation.

And you'll be just steps away from the very famous Gordon Ramsay Steakhouse located in the facility. Your Board (see above photo) had dinner there and we promise you that it will be an amazing experience. Even though it serves some fantastic steaks you've got to try the sea bass. No, is stunning!

We also checked out the Trade Show Floor and that too has room for plenty of our Associate Members to show off their products and services. Plus we've been working on several new ways to help you better engage with our displayers and some $. Our goal is to make this Trade Show Event one of the best we've ever had and really make it worth the time and effort for our Regular and Associate Members.

Registration & Pricing NTPDA 2022 Harrahs Room

The Board, during our Summer Meeting, has set the pricing for registration and booth space and that link will soon be on our website. Don't worry, we'll share as soon as we go live.  However, just so you might start planning, registration is $300 per person through the end of October, $375 per person through the end of November and $450 per person if you're going to drag your heels and wait to register. 

Booth space is set at $500, a bargain if you've been seeing the rates for other trade shows, and we're working on a Site Visit that will take place at Cook's Tractor Parts of Clinton, Missouri. Transportation is included...and Richard tells us so is lunch...and more. There will be a Spouse Event that will be "over the moon" and of course we'll continue our tradition of fund raising for St. Jude.

NTPDA 2022 Harrahs Gordon RamsaySave The Date!

So you can plan to be with us make sure you save the date!  Many will be arriving on Thursday January 20th as we get the party started and we'll be active with tours, the Trade Show, Annual Meeting, St. Jude Auction and Dinner ending on Saturday night, January 22.  Again, full registration details and our event details will soon be posted on the NTPDA website. Our goal here is to get you in the mood for what is promising to be an outstanding event for business and for a great social experience. Photo: Gordon Ramsay Streak Restaurant. 

Stay tuned...we'll continue to tease you.


Our First Ever Virtual Annual Membership Meeting

Because we couldn't have our Annual Meeting and Trade Show this past January and because we've got some business to take care of the Board of Directors of Zoom Logo NTPDA have decided to hold our Annual Membership Meeting on Friday the 26th of March at 11:00AM Central.  A meeting notice along with directions on how to join us on ZOOM along with a brief agenda has already been sent out.

If you're a member of our association make sure you also check our "spam" folder. It could be tucked away there.

We look forward to seeing you as we elect new Board Members and discuss the future events we've got planned.

Catch you on The Zoom!

Nashville 2021 Annual Meeting - Cancelled

In what was a tough decision by the NTPDA Board of Directors the 2021 Nashville Annual Meeting has been cancelled. Over the past several weeks it was Nashville Skyline becoming more clear that the vast majority of our membership had made the decision to skip the event. This past weekend President Scott and Vice President Trey had some discussions about the numbers and, of course, the bombing which happened just blocks from our hotel. 

President Scott sent a note to each Board Member asking for their input and the group voted 8 to 2 to cancel. President Scott did not vote and would have only done so if there had been a tie.  We will be holding a Board Meeting Conference Call during the time that we had been scheduled for Nashville to accomplish the business of the Association. 

In addition if you had pre-paid your registration we'll be making reimbursements as soon as Kim gets back in the office.  If you made room reservations we urge you to call and cancel as soon as possible.

What's Next?

Now your staff is working to make sure we connect with each member who had indicated they were going to go to Nashville. We are also connecting with the hotel, the restaurant, transportation, the Jack Daniel's Distillery and others involved.  In addition we're also changing up The Bulletin and removing information about our 2021 event.  That issue should be in your hands in the next couple of days.

Now it's on to making plans for our 2021 Summer Meeting which is scheduled for Portland and our 2022 Annual Meeting and Trade Show which is scheduled for California. Our focus will be to create some outstanding events that will help each of our members and their businesses.

On a personal note you need to know that we worked hard to make this happen but in the end it was not to be.  You should also know that NTPDA Leadership took on the task to, behind the scenes, continue to keep everybody in the loop. We've had near daily phone calls and text messages.  Our thanks to President Scott and the entire Board of Directors for their input and work.  Thank you too for being an NTPDA matters.

Annual Meeting Agenda - Nashville 2021

National Tractor Parts Dealer Association

37th National Conference 

January 14 - 17, 2021

Renaissance Nashville Hotel

The NTPDA office staff has been working on the 2021 National Conference (#NTPDA21) in the face of the coronavirus and made several changes for next year. We've been able to get the program approved by Renaissance Hotel Nashville President Scott and this is what we've got planned. Watch this space for the Registration Information. 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

    All Day Arrivals

    Noon                            Registration

    3:00PM - 6:00PM           Depart for Top Golf

    7:00PM                         Early Arrival Party - The Bridge - Hotel 2nd Floor

Friday, January 15, 2021

    8:00AM                           Breakfast

    9:00AM                           Depart for Site Visit - Russell's Tractor Parts - Scottsboro, AL

    Noon                               Lunch & Retirement Party for Pat at Russell's Tractor Parts*

    2:00PM                            Depart for Jack Daniels Distillery Tour - Lynchburg, TN

    5:00PM                            Depart Lynchburg for return to Nashville

    7:30PM                            Dinner - Renaissance Nashville Hotel

Saturday, January 16, 2021

    8:00AM - 9:00AM               Networking - "Coffee & Conversation" Breakfast Served

    9:00AM - Noon                   NTPDA Member Presentations - In Person & Videos

    12:00PM                            Lunch/General Session/Election of Officers

    1:30PM                              NTPDA Board Meeting

    6:30PM                              Meet for Cocktails/Dinner/St. Jude Silent Auction

Sunday, January 17, 2021

All Day Departures

Please use your Sunday Breakfast Voucher

Have a safe trip home! 

* If you are in the area but not registered for the conference you are invited to attend the Pat Russell Retirement Party/Luncheon on Friday. To make       sure you have a reserved place contact Trey Russell at 256-259-6059 or send Phyllis an email [email protected] 





Should I Stay or Should I GO...

You're no doubt wondering if the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association (NTPDA) is moving forward with our Annual Meeting scheduled to take place in Man Confused Question mark January, on site, in Nashville. The Board of Directors have been polled by our president and the overwhelming response is, "Let's Go to Nashville!" 

Now, to be sure, we're working on implementing the wishes of the Board right now. We're not exactly sure what this will look like or how it will all come together in four months. But we've got several options and those are being considered and there, as we're sure you can imagine, lots of logistics included.  Some time ago it was decided that the group wanted less speakers and more time to network and there is that. The Trade Show portion of the meeting is still up in the air and depends on what our Associate Members wish to do.

While lots of work has already been underway we've had to change some things up due to COVID19. So, while we're still four months out you need to know we're doing what we can to be able to present our members with an event they will enjoy.

And, finally a little music from The Clash. Why's 2020!

Thank you for being loyal members of the NTPDA!