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Showing Gratitude

It's November and we're coming up on the American holiday of Thanksgiving. It's a time when family and friends gather to express our combined gratitude for San Diego Beach Image all that we have and reflect a bit on the past year. It's also the start of the busy holiday season. It's...all good.

At the same time we're gearing up for our Annual Conference and Trade Show that will happen in Southern California. San Diego is not only beautiful but also warm this time of year.  You should know that your staff has been working on this for months and the early indication is we're going to have many new faces with us. If you're on the fence when it comes to attending consider the benefits of joining us.

  • Face Time - You'll have the opportunity to visit with the decision makers of our association and that gets business done;
  • Learning Time - Our speaker is an expert on "generational differences" in the workplace. You've got to hear this;
  • Social Time - Our group is not afraid of having a good time and we spread that cheer all around;
  • Marketing Time - How can you better market your products and services? We're here to help;
  • Giving Time - Once again we'll be raising funds for St. Jude's Hospital and Clinic. A worthy cause.

Today it's time to make that decision and join us. Here is a link for the agenda as well as the registration link. This is truly the time to act.

Finally your Board and Staff are so very grateful you are an NTPDA Member. Our group has grown over the past sixteen months and you've been most generous in renewing your membership fee. In addition many of you have made a contribution to this years event. We thank you and we'll be sharing that message of gratitude in the weeks to follow and also make a big splash in California come January.

Thank you for being a does matter! 


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