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2023 Scholarship Deadline March 15

The Bulletin for 2023!

Many of you know that we've revamped the official publication of the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association...The Bulletin. Each quarter a new edition December 2022 COVER comes out and is not only sent to every member in the U.S. and Canada but is also posted on our website. We do that so everybody has access to our member news, information and see what our advertisers want you to know.

This is a great way to connect with our membership. Perhaps you've not been to a Summer Meeting or to the NTPDA Annual Conference and Trade Show but you want to get your products or services seen by our entire membership. This is a great way for you to connect and share with them who you are and what you have.  And advertising rates are low. Here is a link to sizes and rates.  Also you should know that we've not increased the prices for the ads.

Yes, there are DEADLINES.  Creating this quarterly magazine takes several weeks so we've got to have some firm deadlines for article and advertising submissions.  To get The Bulletin out to our membership in a timely manner...we just have to do it this way.  So, alright already...what are the deadlines!

The March issue or Spring Edition deadline is February 16

For the Summer Edition that comes out in June the deadline is May 18.

The Fall Edition that will hit in September the deadline is August 17.

The Winter Edition, that will be delivered just ahead of our Annual Conference in December, has a deadline of November 16.

Please write these dates down. It's always great to work with our members to produce a high value, high quality piece. 

Should you need help in creating an ad or updating an ad we are here.

Final question:  "Can non-members advertise in The Bulletin?"  Yes they can however the rates are double those of our members.  So, it's best to join our association and get a better rate.

Questions or comment?  Call me at 515-707-7699 or [email protected].



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