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July 2022

The Intersection of Faith and Business

It's a subject that isn't often discussed. Here you'll meet Dr. Greg Gilbaugh who was a guest during a recent episode of Insight on Business the News Hour, a Greg Gilbaugh July 2022 Edit program that is co-sponsored by NTPDA and hosted by Michael Libbie. After staff listened to the broadcast it was decided that you might enjoy hearing what Dr. GIlbaugh had to say about faith, business and family. Here Greg offers up some thoughts about leadership, mission, employees and how faith can have a role...everywhere. Learn more about Dr. Greg Gilbaugh here and listen to what he has to

Thank you for being with the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association. As always we're anxious to hear from you.  Coming up soon a conversation with Pat Russell the founder of Russell's Tractor Parts. We think you'll enjoy that as well.

The Summer Board Meeting

We're getting things set for our Summer Board Meeting coming up July 14 - 16 in beautiful Scottsboro, Alabama. Our host will be President Trey Russell Russells Tractor Logo and his Bride, Erica and we'll also have the opportunity to catch up with Pat Russell a former NTPDA President and founder of Russell's Tractor Parts.    From our early registrations we're looking about thirty folks coming to the event. Now, so you know, this is not only about a meeting but it's also a social gathering.  There will be fishing, a hospitality room and a great tour of Russell's Tractor Parts.

And, yes, we'll be posting photos on our social media sites where you can follow along.  Find us @NTPDA on Twitter and our Facebook Page is here.

We're so looking forward to seeing our Board Members and several other Members who will be joining us in Scottsboro!

See you all soon and safe travels!