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June 2022

The Summer Bulletin is Out and Online

The newly designed NTPDA Bulletin should be in your mailbox within the next week or so. Inside you'll be able to "Remember When" with some great June 2022 NTPDA Bulletin Cover Use photos, learn the "financial literacy" secrets to building a more successful business with author Jack Stack. And, yes there is an NTPDA connection. Jack's company owns NTPDA Member Global Recovery Corporation based in Missouri. You'll also hear from our financial advisor Craig Shaver about the importance of trust when it comes to investing. President Trey invites you to join us for our Summer Board Meeting this year in Scottsboro, Alabama. There is some news about the Farm Bill in a Washington, D.C. report. In "Staff Notes" you'll learn what Kim and Michael have been up to over the past several months.

And what is really neat is that you'll be able to meet our 2022 NTPDA Scholarship Recipients. The Board increased the number of students able to receive funds and it's really interesting to read what each of our "Class of 2022" are seeking to do with their education. 

Finally, a big THANK YOU to our many Bulletin advertisers. We've been able to outpace our Spring Edition as more of our members have come to understand that The Bulletin is a great way to showcase products and services and it is mailed to every member in the U.S. and Canada. For those of you who are in other nations know that you can access The Bulletin by clicking this link or simply going to the tab at the top of our website.

Remember, we're here to help you share news and information about your company. Our deadline for the Fall Issue is 17 August. Feel free to send your news and your ads directly to Michael at [email protected]

Here's to a profitable summer!

Building A Better Business with Jack Stack

Off mic he said to me, "I'm going to share with you what ails so many businesses, families and our nation and it can be wrapped up in two Jack Stack May 2022 words, financial literacy." Meet Jack Stack: businessman, author, keynote speaker who, in the next several minutes, will share with you how you can build a thriving business by getting everybody on board...and it's not done by holding hands and singing Kumbaya. No, his tried and true method is to get everybody from the line worker to HR to engineering to marketing to the front office to better understand what's going on "inside the numbers" and how they can play a part in creating productivity and profit. And, it not only can help businesses but also families and that, he says, will cure so many of our nation's ills. Oh, and the NTPDA connection? The business Jack started is SRC Holdings and one of the businesses under that umbrella is NTPDA Member Global Recovery Corporation. Small world... Strap in for Jack Stack.

Thanks for listening!

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