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Building A Better Business with Jack Stack

Seller Beware!

We're all aware of the old saying, "Buyer beware!" and while that's true even sellers need to beware of scam artists. Here is a story about that we think Man Selling Elixer you'll enjoy and, perhaps, learn from.

We get phone calls all the time from people wanting to sell NTPDA something. From Medicare insurance to car warranty insurance to copy paper. It's a steady stream. However, not long ago we received, for the second time, a phone call from a company who wanted to sell us parts. The  person on the other line said, "Please, we would like to sell you tractor parts. Can you put me in touch with your purchasing agent?" We told them we don't actually sell parts but our members sell parts.  He was not listening. "No, no, no...we have tractor parts for you. Please let me speak to your purchasing agent." Again, I shared with my insistent friend that we do not sell parts but if his company wanted to sell parts to our members his company should become a member of NTPDA. He said, "Yes, yes I understand but we do have tractor parts to sell to you. May I please speak to your purchasing agent?"

Clearly he didn't understand and this went on for some time (we are very patient people here at NTPDA) before I asked the caller for his email and I would
send him a note about who and what we are and give him the opportunity to join our group. That was three weeks ago and we've not heard back.

Man Shell GameLast week I was visiting with one of our long-term members who I knew sold a specific brand of parts to dealers. I told him the story and he said to me, "I know who you are talking about and it is a scam."  He told me that he had gotten a call from this same company requesting that he send some parts to three of their clients in the U.S. and that the company ordering the parts would pay the bill.  So, our member received payment online and filled the three orders. All good...right?

Except a few days later the company that called to order the parts disputed the charges and the payment was reversed.

Our member was out the parts and the payment.  While it was not a huge order it still hurt.

The bottom line here is know who you are doing business with. One of the great things about being a member of NTPDA is that we do know each other. We do business with each other and there is a method to attempt to fix problems that arise. 

Yes, along with our many benefits, there is a sense of comfort being an NTPDA member...and thank you!


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