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The Summer Bulletin

We get it it's still Spring and we're talking about the Summer Edition of The Bulletin.  That's because we're already working on it and this is your reminder that Bulletin Summer Cover Web our deadline for submission of news and advertising is May 18. While that might look like a "long way off" it's really not. In fact we've already received new ads for our summer issue. Thank you!

A reminder that a hard copy of The Bulletin goes to every Regular and Associate Member in the U.S. and Canada. It's a great way to let your fellow members know about you and what you offer. In addition the online issue (which you can see here) has links from your ad to your website so our online friends can visit you directly.  That's just one of the many new changes we've made during the past year.

Finally, we're always looking for news about you and your business. Our goal is to make The Bulletin a resource and a place where we can help tell your story. So, if you've got news let us know! Shoot me an email or call 877-668-0900 and let's talk.

And, as a "sneak peek" the image you see here is our Summer Edition cover.  

Thank you for being a does matter.

Meet Our Members - Caterina Ciani & Agri Parts

The wonders of technology can put people together from all over the planet. Today we're in Bologna, Italy with our guest Caterina Caterena Ciani 6 April 2022 Ciani the marketing person for Agri Parts. (Who joined NTPDA late last year.) Caterina moved from South Africa to Italy and landed a job with Agri Parts. We talk a bit about this manufacturing hub in the northern part of the country, plus the family business aspect of the company and the issue of high quality parts for agriculture.  We'll also chat a bit about how the company has been able to drive new sales records. A delightful conversation...join us. Oh, and if you've got news about your business let's talk! We would love to share your story. 

Thanks for coming by!

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