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November 2018

How Can We Make This Better?

Hard to believe that we're less than two month away from our Annual Meeting and Trade Show in Mobile, Alabama! We'll be meeting at the Battle House Renaissance Mobile Hotel and Spa for networking, education and great times with new and old friends. (Notice they got a little excited with the word "Room"?) Mobile Battlehouse Hotel Interior
The line up of events and speakers is first class and we're hoping for good weather!  Plus we've got some interesting media surprises in store. 

With all of that said we want to make this event and future events even better.  What thoughts do you have?  We realize that time away from your business needs to be productive and positive. We're always interested in your take.  So, some thought starters:

  • Shorter Conference?
  • Longer Conference?
  • More Social Action?
  • More Educational Opportunities and in What?
  • Always Warm Weather Location?

We're interested in your ideas.  Got em?  Shoot us an email or with your thoughts.

We do know we're going to have a great session this year but, it can always be better...right?

See you in Mobile in January!!


Memories & Join Us in Mobile, Alabama!

Mobile Card WelcomeSo often when we visit with members of NTPDA they tell us one of the main reasons they continue to come to our Annual Meeting and Trade Show is to re-connect with long time friends, do some business and learn how to run a more successful business.

All great reasons!

So, let's take a look at some images from the past and some images from our upcoming Annual Meeting and Trade Show in Mobile, Alabama. It's going to be great and, if you want to register right is that link!


Nice huh?  Hope to see you in Mobile!