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Corpus Christi - NTPDA18 Photos

Gearing Up for Corpus Christi

It won't be long now as our 2018 Annual Conference and Trade Show is coming up quickly. If you are coming to Corpus Christi you're in for a great event full Gearsof socializing and education designed to help you and your business perform even better this year.

We'll kick off our time together with our Early Arrival Party on Wednesday the 17th. This is a great time for our members to network with each other and have the opportunity to meet up with our trade show attendees. Along with the socializing we'll be entertained at the House of Rock by artist Doug Strahan. Remember there isn't any early registration on Wednesday we'll get to that part on Thursday starting at 8:00AM.

Ya gotta be there to enjoy it all!

We'll get busy with Richard Flint Thursday morning and his presentation "6 Steps to Embracing Change". For many change is difficult Richard is one of America’s top personal development speakers and coaches (he travels and speaks over 210 times per year and personally coaches many businesses and individuals from on the road), Richard has been successfully mentoring and quietly helping professional organizations, large and small businesses and individuals for over 30 years. Considered a well guarded secret by companies and organizations due to his results, Richard Flint motivates, inspires, teaches and helps people and companies metamorphosize into their ‘Power To Be’, so they can Do or Have anything they want.  That's a tall promise. Make sure you're here and taking notes.

Next up we'll welcome back social media expert Crystal Washington who will take you through the many changes and opportunities in Digital Marketing. What is it? Why should you know about it? Who does it well? What's involved? She will answer those questions and more and get you on the right track for your marketing opportunities in 2018 and beyond.

Richard Flint comes back in the afternoon of Thursday with his presentation "Finding the Right People for your Company". We all know that it is much less expensive if we hire smart in the first place. Richard will offer up those tools to make that happen.

We'll get an update on R2R from Kenny Roelofsen later in the afternoon and then break into our "Welcome to Corpus Christi" reception that will take place in the Trade Show Area.

And that's just day ONE and TWO...

If we're NOW talking your language you can STILL register for our Annual Meeting and Trade is that link!

See you in Corpus Christi! 




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