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Let's DO IT in Kansas City!

How About Kansas City!

We've cooked up this NTPDA video to remind you that we'll soon be gathering in Kansas City for our Annual Meeting and Trade Show.  Lots and lots of things are being offered this year, just for the price of your registration. Which, by the way, is STILL at a DISCOUNTED PRICE if you CLICK THIS LINK before Wednesday!

Below we've got a NEW VIDEO for you. Some of the highlights from Memphis and a look ahead to our time together in Kansas City.  Go on...know anybody? 


We look forward to seeing YOU in Kansas City where you'll learn to build a better business!

Want To Make A Bet?

You Can’t Build A Business From Your Couch Gut on Couch

Coming up in Kansas City you’re going to receive REAL VALUE for your Membership in NTPDA and REAL VALUE with the Marketing Masters Bootcamp. So, why is this different and what can you expect?  Glad I asked. 

Want to make a bet?  

Understand that never have I sold a tractor part. Never! However my bet is that I can sell it or a thousand other products/services better than you and grow a business faster. How can that be true?  Because I understand there are THREE ways to grow a business…any business: 

  • Drive potential customers using a purpose driven marketing mix;
  • Improve existing sales techniques that convert lookers into buyers;
  • Extract more revenue from each of your existing customers.

There it is, three things you’ll learn to do during the Marketing Masters Bootcamp in Kansas City in January.  A program that sells for $500 per person at seminars across the nation…yours FREE with your registration to NTPDA16. 

You can stay home and do the same old thing that boosts sales by (maybe) six to eight percent or you can come and learn proven methods that can, if you work it, boosts your bottom line by thirty to fifty percent. 

If you click here or on my friend on the couch you'll still save money on your registration!

It’s your call...See you in Kansas City!