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Today is the Day!

Hey! Now that our "Turkey Induced Coma" is history we want to remind you that TODAY is the final day to save $75 on your registration for our Annual Meeting/Trade Show & Sales Training event in Kansas City! You can click the TODAY image above to get to our registration page!
No excuses now...we'd love for you to join all of your friends and save some money at the same time! 
Thank You Early Birds!
If you sign up today, here is the link, you'll join these "Early Birds" who figured..."Sure, seventy-five bucks is seventy-five bucks!":
  • Abilene Machine, Inc. (Doug says, "Yes, yes I did save $75 per registration!")
  • All States Ag Parts (His Highness shall grace us with his bad self & others!)
  • Allied Information Services (We need to send you the video with Eric!)
  • Alto Products
  • Area Diesel Service
  • Atlantic Quality Parts
  • Gap Tractor Parts
  • Hoober, Inc. (So do you know WHERE they are from? We need that story!)
  • Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications (Sorry, we HAD to let them back in...)
  • Kern County Tractor Parts
  • Leaders Salvage (Glen is coming! Glen is coming!)
  • Mac Tractor Parts
  • Maxiforce (Story is they are bringing warm weather!)
  • Mylex International (Bringing the bird?)
  • Northern Radiator
  • Parts Express
  • Reliable Aftermarket Parts (Beaver Hat Bill coming?)
  • Reubicon International
  • Rock Valley Tractor Parts (Ask about Lance Armstong!)
  • Schaefer Enterprises
  • Southeast Tractor Parts (All the way from South Carolina!)
  • Sparex
  • Sturgeon's Corner
  • Wengers of Myerstown (See their cool videos?)
  • Worthington Tractor Parts (We're still talking about our great visit!)
See anybody NOT on the list?  Do them a favor and give them a call!  Help some friends save some cash today!

So what are you waiting for?  Not only will you save $75 by clicking here and registering you'll also be part of a new, re-designed sales and marketing event, we're calling it Boot Camp, that promises to boost your bottom line by 30 - 50 percent!
How is that for value?
Thanks for reading and get clicking.  Operators arestanding by to get you registered!
See you in Kansas City!


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