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October 2015

Better Than Sexy Pizza Rat!

Sexy Pizza CostumeOne of the "hottest" costumes for Halloween 2016 is Sexy Pizza, really. What? You have not heard of Sexy Pizza Rat?  It was the idea of Chad Horstman of online costume and lingerie store, Yandy’s Sexy Pizza Rat garnered millions of social media impressions, but only about 100 have been sold. And, know what?  He doesn't care if you actually BUY the Sexy Pizza Rat costume but he's banking on the publicity surrounding it.

Dang smart!

OK, so we don't have a sexy link for the NTPDA Annual Meeting and Trade Show but we do have a deal! If you take advantage of the Early Bird Special you'll save about $150 dollars off the regular event price! Here is the link to the registration page.  

Hey, we get ain't sexy...unless, of course, you think saving some money is a good deal. And if so we guess that's sexy in it's own way.

See you in Kansas City


More Value - More Sales

When you buy something your hoping the product or service will bring value to the transaction. That's true for everything from a pair of jeans to your NTPDA Membership. We get it.

Over the past year we've been developing programs and tools that will add real value to your membership.  One of those is described in this brief video.  Have a look:


Imagine driving home from Kansas City with a tool that can boost your bottom line by 30%. No gimmicks, no sales push...just money in your pocket because of the real value your membership and attending the Annual Meeting and Trade Show will bring you.

Here's a link for your early registration...see you in Kansas City!

We're OPEN!

This week has been a blur as we've opened up Early Bird Registration for our 2016 Early BirdAnnual Meeting and Trade Show scheduled for January 20 - 23 in the "Heart of America", Kansas City.  We've got some exciting things planned that, we believe, will help you grow your business by adding more revenue to your bottom line.

Here is a link to the Program at a Glance so you know what you're in for.

Here is the link for the Early Bird Registration so you can save some money!

NTPDA_Logo_CamoYour Board of Directors has been working hard to make sure we bring you real value for your membership dollar and that this Kansas City NTPDA Boot Camp delivers in a new and exciting way.

So, don't delay...we already know you've "Saved the Date" now save some money and get your business registered.

By the way, if you use Twitter the Hashtag this year is #NTPDA16 let's use it to keep in touch!

As always, there will be "more to come"...we're just getting started!