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September 2015

Welcome eShipperUSA to NTPDA!

The Board of Directors of the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association (NTPDA) has EShipperUSA Logoapproved the Associate Member Status Application for eShipperUSA!  We thought you might like to meet Sal and hear a bit more about the company.

Estalished in 2005, eShipperUSA has strong relationships with major airlines, couriers and trucking companies and they have been named as NTPDA’s preferred small package carrier. 

Sal will be reaching out to you to introduce himself and his service offering - he is  a direct provider of all major small package services and has some great options for your domestic and international freight activities!

Sal has agreed to provide a courtesy freight analysis to all NTPDA members and he will also be attending the January convention in Kansas City so you may want to visit with him about your transportation program.

Welcome Sal and eShipperUSA!

Sometimes New is Scary!

We understand, trying something "new" can be scary. But, what if that new KC Picture oneexperience helped you become a better manager, business owner, salesperson?  That's what we've got in store for you in Kansas City during our Annual Meeting and Trade Show

All summer long we've been working on bringing our members the highest quality training in things like:

  • Networking - Sure we've all "done it" but our kick-off speaker Danny Beyer knows how to MAXIMIZE your networking experience and make it worthwhile;
  • Sales - What if you were able to add 50% to your bottom line? OK, how about 30% if you try. We'll share proven methods on how to get there;
  • Marketing - Yes, we know you already know how to do that but if you had a plan might you be able to do it better? We'll help you write that marketing plan...on the spot.

OK so it all looks like work right?  Not exactly. We've got some fun scheduled for you as well.

NTPDA_Logo_CamoBut, right now...SAVE the DATE of January 20 - 23, 2016 because we're going to meet up in Kansas City!

And...nope, we're not spilling the BOOT CAMP beans just...yet.


Your Business and the Farm Economy

The USDA now says farm income for this year will fall to $58.3 billion; that is a 36%  Farm Income 2015
drop and the lowest farm income level in nine years.  It also means that, if these numbers hold true, this could be big news for your business.

The impact on your business?

Already John Deere has laid off over 1,500 workers because farmers are going to be putting off new purchases and that means they will repair with they already own.  This is a huge opportunity for your business and it’s one of the topics we’ll cover at in Kansas City during Boot Camp 2016. 

Part of Boot Camp 2016 is a new program called the NTPDA University a day long sales and marketing program designed to help you boost your revenue base by as NTPDA_Logo_Camomuch as 30%.  This isn’t guess work. This comes from years of helping business people, just like you, grow revenue numbers by making some simple adjustments to how you are currently doing business. 

Our members have told us you want real value from your membership dollars.  How’s this? If you had to pay to attend this sales and marketing seminar in a group setting the cost would be $495 per person.  We’re giving it to you with your Annual Trade Show and Meeting Registration.  

So, in Kansas City you’ll not only learn how to better network, meet new people with new products and services but you’ll also walk out of that meeting armed with the tools to grow your business.

Value?  Yep, we think so.  See you in Kansas City!