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August 2015

You! Yes, We're Talking to You!

If you've been keeping up with our efforts you know the NTPDA is about to launch Man Finger YOUwhat may be the most valuable event in our association history. In order to add real value to your membership we've made plans to bring you, the NTPDA University during our Annual Meeting and Trade Show in Kansas City.

So what is it?

The program is a sales and marketing seminar that will last for several sessions with international presenters who will help you build a tool to boost your bottom line by as much as 50%.  No gimmicks, no fast talk, no sales pitch, nothing to buy...just a proven method that will help your business sell more, be more and reach more customers than ever.

Why are we doing this at our Kansas City Boot Camp?  Because our members NTPDA_Logo_Camo expect real value for their membership dollars and, if you were to go out and sign up for this session it would cost each of you $495 tuition.  However because you are a member of NTPDA we're not charging an admission it comes with your registration to Boot Camp 2016!

Over the next several weeks we'll be reaching out to regular members, associate members, past members and those businesses that may have been missing out on this great value added association. 

Get will be here before you know it!

A Troubling Thought

In the most recent edition of The NTPDA Bulletin our National Tractor Parts Dealer FuneralAssociation president, Jeff Griggs, lamented the fact that our organization has tried, but so far has been unsuccessful, in breathing life into our association:

"Are we doomed as an organization? Is it inevitable that we are headed toward just simply fading away over time?  I've worked with the premise that the answer to both of these questions is NO! But now I'm beginning to second guess myself."

It's one thing to have those concerns privately but to make it public shows each of us, who love what this organization has given us, how critical it is that we act.

Your Board of Directors believes that adding value is the only thing that will save our association and that's why it has evaluated and reevaluated our Annual Trade Show and Meeting.  We'll gather in Kansas City in January for a revival or a wake. Your choice.

Frankly, we see it as a revival. 

In the coming weeks you'll be receiving more information on what value added items we'll be taking to Kansas City.  Then, you can judge if learning and building more sales for your business is going to be worth the effort.

We think it will be and that you will be surprised!

In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts/ideas here or with an email.