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NTPDA Gets Bold!

Recently at the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association (NTPDA) Summer Board Meeting Sioux Falls Phyllis talking webBoard Meeting the board took the bold step in reaching out for new members and getting them involved in our Annual Trade Show and Meeting scheduled for Kansas City in January. "Our goal", said NTPDA President Jeff Griggs "is to not only build our member base but show that we can provide real value to our existing members, people who have left our group and folks who have not been members."

To that end the Board ratified an outreach program to target several potential members who have businesses within a few hours of Kansas City and offer them a full registration for $100 per person with a maximum of two people. 

Phyllis Cox is the executive meeting planner and long time coordinator of NTPDA and, as you can see, when she speaks the Board listens. She added, "We know some business owners might be skeptical of joining an organization however, we bring real value to our members with training, networking and solid business help that will help them sell more product.  It all happens in Kansas City in January!"

Over the next several months you'll be hearing more about the Kansas City NTPDA Fish Kissing Boot Camp for Business.  If you've been a member and dropped out or you've not
been a member and your business is within a couple of hours of Kansas City expect us to reach out to you and encourage you to come see why we're serious about doing business.

Oh, and there was some "Fish Kissing" going on.  Hey...it's not ALL business! 

Thank you for reading.  Stay tuned!  


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