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Schaefer Enterprises of Wolf Lake, IL

Se logo2 (3)We are heading to Memphis, TN, this week for National Tractor Parts Dealer Association’s
31st Annual Conference and Trade Show. 
Schaefer Enterprises of Wolf Lake, IL, will be one of many companies joining us.  Below is their story:

In 1967, brothers Jerry and Gene Schaefer from Linn, Missouri, purchased Wilson Farm Supply from D.G. Wilson and established Schaefer’s Farm Supply.  The company began with two employees and the owners.  In 1971, Sharon Schaefer joined the business as office manager. Dick Schaefer came into the group in 1977 and did the farming and some service-related work. Today the company employs 39 people.

Schaefer’s Farm Supply sold J.I. Case agricultural machinery, fertilizer, and chemicals until 1977. In the next several years, changes in the farm economy created a stronger demand for used parts than for used machines. As the need for used parts evolved, Schaefer’s Farm Supply became Schaefer Enterprises in 1986 and expanded into the construction and logging equipment used parts markets.

Today, Schaefer Enterprises provides good used repair parts and reconditioned drive train components for logging, industrial, and construction equipment.  Every reconditioned engine and transmission is dyno-tested prior to shipment and your satisfaction is assured with their money-back guarantee. 

Access to their inventory is available on their website, and although their computerized data base is updated every day, it is never complete or perfect. If your part number does not show up on any locator system, call 800-626-6046 and one of their salespeople will gladly help you.  They will do their best to quickly check the lot, find the parts you need and quote you price, condition, and availability.

Schaefer Enterprises is located in the lovely Mississippi river bottoms of southern Illinois.  If you are driving to them, please insert the 62998 zip code into your GPS or it might steer you to the Wolf Lake near Chicago!

Schaefer Building Schaefer Air View


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