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COMBINE IN THE SKYIt's a pleasure to highlight one of our National Tractor Parts Dealer Association (NTPDA) Member businesses. Meet our friends from Combine World!

Thirty years ago Combine World entered the salvage business with the goal of becoming a leading supplier of combine parts in North America. Over the years the business has evolved and now Combine World buys and sells a wide assortment of farming and construction equipment.

Combine World was created to serve the agricultural community and today farmers make up 80 percent of their business with OEM dealers and resellers making up the rest.  

Charlie Smith and his crew tell us they work hard on making sure they eliminate waste and excess so they can deliver four key benefits to their customers.  Charlie tells us that at Combine World there are four major realities that set them apart:

  • Real People - When you call Combine World you'll be able to speak to a real person...not a machine;
  • Product Knowledge - The folks you'll be talking to know their products and they'll be able to guide you, correctly;
  • Call Back - If they don't have an immediate answer to your questions they will call you back within an hour;
  • On Time Shipment - Nothing is worse than having to wait. Charlie says Combine World will ship on time.

And, if you want to visit online you can that 24/7.

Combine World supplies and supports the vital agricultural interests in Canada and North America. We were really impressed with the "explainer videos" posted on their home page.  Makes you feel as if you already know them.

Thanks for visiting and thank you to all our members!




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