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Member Spotlight: A&I Products

A&I Consumer - 4C black (White Stroke)As a member benefit, the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association (NTPDA), is proud to be able to spotlight various members of our organization.  Today we'll take a look north to Rock Valley, Iowa and A&I Products:

Founded with roots as a small machine shop and repair facility, the company made the transition by manufacturing new parts to replace those that commonly needed repair. A&I Products has been growing since their inception back in 1980. Moving from a modified quonset shop to a 7800 square foot facility in 1987 was a significant step.  Those 7800 square feet now attest for about 1% of the total space occupied by the company. The catalog at that time consisted of just a few pages.  Now, A&I Products offers over 160,000 different part numbers sold through a network of dealers and repair shops throughout the United States and Canada.  Thirteen strategically located North American warehouse locations offer next day delivery on in-stock items to more than 85% of those dealers and repair shops, getting the product to the end user as soon as possible. 

So, what has been the "driver' of this success? A&I Products tells us that it is their experience level, excellent customer service and the ability to deliver top quality replacement parts at a fair price.

To become and remain a leader in the industry, A&I tells us they realize the necessity to adapt to the changing needs of their customer. For that reason the company is constantly adding new products for a variety of equipment whether it be transmission discs, drivelines, sheet metal components, belts, LED lighting, the newly added selection of engine kits for Cummins applications, new CabCAM™ camera systems, or the very popular Stalk Stryker™.  This just scratches the surface of what is available. Parts grouping (A&I and Sunbelt) - 2

A&I Products also believes in building stratigic alliances and since 2010, they have been teamed up with Sunbelt Outdoor Products to greatly expand the turf, forestry, and outdoor products lineup available to their customers.  A&I Products and Sunbelt Outdoor products together offer, what they say is, the most complete selection of aftermarket replacement tractor, combine, and turf parts under one roof.

Constant growth has taken A&I Products from a couple of folks in a machine shop to a staff of over 300 people and over 750,000 total square feet of warehouse space, A&I Products, a proud member of NTPDA, is here to offer quality parts and products for tractors, combines, backhoes, lawn and garden equipment, skid steer loaders, and much more - from antique to late model. 

If you would like to check out their Video, just click here! 






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