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Flooding in Iowa

We reached out to our NTPDA member, Scott Schelling of Rock Valley Map_of_rock_valley_iaTractor Parts for an update on the flooding that Iowa community has faced. Many of you know we have several members there.  Here is what Scott told us:

"We had about 6 feet of water in our boneyard, including some old buildings that we store hoods and glass in, but it looks like after the water went away it didn’t ruin anything, it just made a  big mess.  We also have a steel frame building that had 2 inches of water in it for about 6 hours on Tues nite right at the peak of the flood.  It also didn’t do much damage.  The most important part is that my house and main buildings were all spared.  If the river had gone about 4-6 inches higher, it would have gotten in to our main buildings and probably my basement in my house.  The previous record for the Rock river was 19-1/2 feet, and last Weds morning it crested at over 23 feet.  It just went so much higher than any time before that it took many of us by surprise, we just didn’t expect it to go that high.  VH Mfg is very high and dry, they are in a higher part of town, but Brian Kooima had a very close call with his house.  The river was literally across the street from him and he was probably within a couple inches of having a flooded basement.   A&I is also in good shape, they are dry."

We were also able to pick up this video from a crew in the area.  It gives you a better idea to what our friends in Iowa have been experiencing.


In times like's great to have friends.  Here's hoping everybody dries out soon.



Meet Flint Hydraulics - Got Pumps?

Flint LOGO OnlyIf it wasn't for the members of the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association we, well, we wouldn't have an association. That's why we believe the more value we can bring to them the more we can help them do even more business.

In agriculture as well as construction nothing moves without hydraulics and Flint Hydraulics, Inc. has long been a leader in the worldwide distribution of original and replacement hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and hydraulic pump replacement parts for heavy mobile and industrial equipment.  How big?  They have a data base of more than 30,000 hydraulic pumps, motors and parts for Caterpillar, J.I. Case, John Deere, Clark-Michigan, Terex, Grove, Komatsu-Dresser, Bobcat and many more.

One of the things Flint Hydraulics, Inc. has is...location.  They tell us being located in the heart of America's Distribution Center they have the ability to ship parts quickly and efficiently. How does "same day shipping" sound? ThreePumps

With a state-of-the-art production facility and a professionally trained staff Flint Hydraulics, Inc. offers service, they say, is not only dependable but also fast.

We're proud of our members and grateful for the professionalism they display.  Once again, here is the website for Flint Hydraulics, Inc. and when you reach them...let them know we sent you?

If you would rather call, here is that number: 901-794-4884




Member Spotlight: A&I Products

A&I Consumer - 4C black (White Stroke)As a member benefit, the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association (NTPDA), is proud to be able to spotlight various members of our organization.  Today we'll take a look north to Rock Valley, Iowa and A&I Products:

Founded with roots as a small machine shop and repair facility, the company made the transition by manufacturing new parts to replace those that commonly needed repair. A&I Products has been growing since their inception back in 1980. Moving from a modified quonset shop to a 7800 square foot facility in 1987 was a significant step.  Those 7800 square feet now attest for about 1% of the total space occupied by the company. The catalog at that time consisted of just a few pages.  Now, A&I Products offers over 160,000 different part numbers sold through a network of dealers and repair shops throughout the United States and Canada.  Thirteen strategically located North American warehouse locations offer next day delivery on in-stock items to more than 85% of those dealers and repair shops, getting the product to the end user as soon as possible. 

So, what has been the "driver' of this success? A&I Products tells us that it is their experience level, excellent customer service and the ability to deliver top quality replacement parts at a fair price.

To become and remain a leader in the industry, A&I tells us they realize the necessity to adapt to the changing needs of their customer. For that reason the company is constantly adding new products for a variety of equipment whether it be transmission discs, drivelines, sheet metal components, belts, LED lighting, the newly added selection of engine kits for Cummins applications, new CabCAM™ camera systems, or the very popular Stalk Stryker™.  This just scratches the surface of what is available. Parts grouping (A&I and Sunbelt) - 2

A&I Products also believes in building stratigic alliances and since 2010, they have been teamed up with Sunbelt Outdoor Products to greatly expand the turf, forestry, and outdoor products lineup available to their customers.  A&I Products and Sunbelt Outdoor products together offer, what they say is, the most complete selection of aftermarket replacement tractor, combine, and turf parts under one roof.

Constant growth has taken A&I Products from a couple of folks in a machine shop to a staff of over 300 people and over 750,000 total square feet of warehouse space, A&I Products, a proud member of NTPDA, is here to offer quality parts and products for tractors, combines, backhoes, lawn and garden equipment, skid steer loaders, and much more - from antique to late model. 

If you would like to check out their Video, just click here! 





Value with All States Ag Parts

ASAP LogoOne of the value opportunities the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association gives to our members is to feature them on our business blog page.

We think there is real value in your membership and we're working hard to make sure we continue to help you boost your business and your brand.

Today we're going to hear from the National Tractor Dealer Association president, Jeff Griggs about All States Ag Parts.

Here's a video about ASAP complete with...JEFF!


Pretty slick huh?

We're going to make this a regular feature of our business blog so if you've got a story to tell, send us 300 words or less and an image or two and we'll take it from there.

You can send your story to Kim or directly to Michael Libbie. Here is his email.

Oh, and how are we selecting the articles?  We'll be sending out an email to each Regular Member and Associate Member alphabetically so you'll also receive a personal request from Kim.