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Let's Talk About You!

Here at the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association (NTPDA) we Shutterstock_193013183 realize we exist because of you, our members. So, we were talking the other day about adding value to your membership and thought that if we feature our members in a blog post that would help you in your SEO as well as, perhaps, introduce you to others in the association.  

So, we want to talk! 

We'd like to get, from you, a photo (your choice but make it smaller than 1 MB) and a story about your business. (500 words or less). You can talk about: 

  • Your history in the business;
  • Your key customers;
  • What new ideas you've helped launch that has been helpful;
  • What your ideas on customer service might be;
  • How has the Internet impacted your business;
  • What's hot in your part of the world;


You can send your article directly to Michael at Insight Advertising.  His email is and he'll take it from there. 

Oh, and how are we selecting the articles?  We'll be sending out an email to each Regular Member and Associate Member alphabetically so you'll also receive a personal request from Kim.

Smells Like...Spring!

Finally that familiar smell of freshly turned soil is spreading across the Spring Dirtcountry. Our NTPDA farming and construction friends up north may have to wait a few weeks but here in Texas it's the sweet smell of the soil as the earth gives up on winter.

And, that's a very good thing.

For many of us in the tractor and construction parts business it's been a long winter.  But, if we used our time wisely we made the necessary plans, made new friends, created new marketing channels while we could.  Now it's back to the business of keeping farmers and construction professionals on the job and productive.

If you've got some cool spring photos from your place we'd love to share them with the world.  Just send them to Kim @ NTPDA dot com and we'll get them up.

Happy Spring and here is to a fantastic growing/construction season!