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February 2014

We're Doing a Member Survey!

SurveyRight now we're creating a survey for our members to gather input regarding our 2015 Annual Meeting and Trade Show.  What do you like about the event?  What would you like to see changed?  What would you like to learn, see and do that will add value to the Memphis Event?

We're doing this because we really want to hear from you about your association.  You can expect, any day now, an e-mail survey.  We hope that you'll fill it out and send it back before the week is out.  For those of you who want a fax copy...we're doing that too.

Thanks, in advance, for helping us create the event you want when we head to Memphis in 2015!

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A Little Tractor Love

Tractor LoveIt's Valentine's Weekend and all of us at NTPDA want to wish you all a "tractorlicious" day.  We're in love with our tractors and know you are too.  If you've got a "Tractor Love" photo around send it to us.  We would be happy to post it.

For more about the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association we'd invite you to come by our website!

Have a great weekend!


NTPDA Scholarship Program

We're more than an association of used tractor parts companies we're also committed to Diploma Scholarship offering educational opportunities to deserving students who are NTPDA members, employees of members, or dependents of members or employees.  Over the years we've given thousands of dollars worth of scholarships to U.S. and Canadian graduating high school students or current college students.

And, we're at it again!

If you, or someone you know, fits the criteria for one of our scholarships we urge you to come to our NTPDA Scholarship Page and download the application.  Fill it out and send it back to us no later than March 19, 2014.

On behalf of our members and staff we wish you the very best as you, or someone you know, continues their education.

Membership is a good thing!