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November 2013

Hurry Up & Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just DAYS away!  Can you believe how fast the time goes by?  And, because the days roll by so quickly we want to remind you to hurry up and take advantage of the first early deadline for the 2014 Conference & Trade Show in Tucson!  Registration through November 30 is $300 per person and that's a big savings.  Here is a link to register today.

We're working on creating a fantastic event for you in Tucson and we look forward to seeing you all there.  Our host hotel is amazing:



Thanks for being a member of the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association!  We'll see you in Tucson in January!!

On behalf of the Board, Staff and Volunteers we wish you a blessed Thanksgiving!


What Does It All Mean?

Yesterday morning we had a meeting of the NTPDA Membership Committee to discuss Restoration retention and recruitment for the National Tractor Parts Dealers Association.  Jeff Griggs, Shawn Archie, Michael Libbie and Steve Haas spent an hour talking value and perceived value of association membership.  


Because as we continue with Operation Restoration it's important for us to be able to share the value proposition of membership to keep members and to attract new members.

So, if you are a member of NTPDA, a former member or you've just heard about us...what do you think?  Go ahead and reply right here on the post.  We want your input as we continue with "Operation Restoration".

Join us on Facebook, here is that link.  And we're also on Twitter @NTPDA.  We'd LOVE to hear from you!



Smart Shipping Save Time/Money

One of the very cool reasons tractor parts resellers join the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association (NTPDA) is because of the member benefits that save them time Time Money and money. Here is yet another example:

Allied Information Networks has informed us that their new ABS program is now linked to the SMART SHIPPING platform that is provided to us by the SAV Transportation Group.

If you are working in the ABS platform and REPLY to potential buyers it will activate the VIEW FREIGHT button at the bottom of the screen. When you click the VIEW FREIGHT button it will take you right to the SAV shipping platform and you will gain instant access to preferred rates from nearly fifty qualified carriers providing nationwide range and reach. The folks at SAV have also informed us that in addition to base rates from literally dozens of qualified carriers, they have recently negotiated a special “AgriShipper” rate from ABF Freight Systems and a special “Truck and Tractor” rate from the YRC freight company.

NTPDA members are reporting that they are saving both time and money when quoting and moving freight and that they are impressed with the number of options that are available within this program.

If you're in the business of selling new, used, rebuilt agricultural and construction parts maybe it's time for you to start saving time and money by becoming a NTPDA Member today.  Here's more about membership.

Have a wonderful weekend!