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Heartland Ovation Payroll & NTPDA

Logo-heartland-ovation-payrollThe National Tractor Parts Dealer Association is pleased to add another valuable member to our endorsed association vendors list that can truly benefit your business.  Heartland Ovation Payroll is the 3rd largest payroll provider in the country, with many unique advantages to small and medium size business owners.


Heartland Ovation Payroll is:

  • The 3rd largest payroll provider in the country with over 10 years of experience serving over 30,000 business owners.
  •  It’s designed for employers who need to outsource their payroll processing cost effectively, but insist on a personalized, professional level of service.
  • Ovation Payroll provides a single point of contact that understands your business and answers all of your payroll questions.
  • Their Payroll is a secure and flexible solution that allows you to process your payroll anytime from anywhere, while ensuring the safety of your payroll data and employee information.
  • Heartland Payroll comes with a UNIQUE 3-year NO Price Increase Guarantee so you can budget your costs every year.

How to get started?  Give us a call at the office and we'll put you in touch with our new friends from Heartland Ovation Payroll!


The Membership Committee of NTPDA

This past summer the NTPDA Board heard recommendations from our Membership advertising agency, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications.  One of those recommendations was to create a Membership Committee that would be tasked with helping the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association grow.

We're now putting that committee together.  President Jeff Griggs has started the ball rolling and has asked several members and associate members to come together and build a strategy which will lead to membership retention and recruiting.

We believe that we can do more and be of more value to companies who are in the business of used, rebuilt or even new agricultural and construction equipment parts.  As the committee takes shape they will be making recommendations to the Board for consideration in January in Tuscon.

We're all looking forward to it!

To learn more about NTPDA visit our (new) Website and follow us on Twitter @NTPDA for the latest news and information.

Let's Visit About NTPDA

The National Tractor Parts Dealer Association (NTPDA) continues to grow and mature in an effort to better serve members engaged in the business of selling used, re-built and sometimes new agricultural and construction parts.  To that end we've created a number of ways to help our Our_uniforms_slidermembership grow and prosper.  Here's another benefit of membership:

ARAMARK Uniform Services has been associated with NTPDA since the first of the year.  Our members receive special pricing on everything to outfit their location. Uniforms, jackets, mats, towels, mops and restroom supplies. 

Nothing says more about how you care for your customers more than how your physical location looks. 

Take advantage of this service and so many others. Here's a complete list of membership advantages for our members.

By the way, we're headed to Tuscon in January.  Would LOVE to have you join us!


Membership in the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association has many Girl Gift Box benefits.  Here's one that will help your new, used and/or rebuilt parts dealership prosper:

SAV Transportation: This benefit offers preferred rates for truckload, less-than-truckload, less-than-container-load, and small parcel services.  With the SAV Method you are always in control of how, where and when you ship.  In addition as an NTPDA Member you have access to an on-board insurance option for ZERO deductible, full coverage insurance which is offered by Wells Fargo Insurance Services.

Membership does have it's privileges.  Join us today!


It's What We're Doing!

All of us at NTPDA are returning something to its former state.  We are Restoration rebuilding and we are repairing.  What?  The National Tractor Parts Dealer Association is committed to making our Annual Meeting and Trade Show a huge success and an event that is full of value for our current and perspective members.

We understand that there is a cost associated with traveling to Tuscon but we hope that by the time you leave you'll have realized that the cost became an investment in helping your business grow and prosper.  In Tuscon we'll be putting you in touch with friends and vendors that can help you with new products and services.  We'll be giving you information on a wide variety of topics that, if you use them, will help boost your business.

Over the next several weeks we'll share, in more detail, what we've got planned along with some teases...surprises are always fun!

Don't delay.  Before long we'll be wrapping Christmas presents and then everybody is too busy.  Register for Tuscon right now by clicking this link

Help us in Operation Restoration!

Hey, if you use Twitter you can find us there too: @NTPDA

Tucson Bound!

This year the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association (NTPDA) T skyline Night Annual Conference and Trade Show is being held in the beautiful city of Tucson, AZ and we hope you'll save the date of January 22 - 25, 2014.  Over the next several months we'll offer some "tid-bits" as to why you should join us, what value that brings to your membership and what we've got planned to entertain and inform.

Don't forget the date and we'll be meeting up in Tucson in January!

Don't you LOVE this photo?


This week we gave birth to the new National Tractor Parts Dealer FrankAssociation (NTPDA) website!!  It's been in the works for several months and following some little "tweaks" we've birthed the baby!

What's really nice about the new site is that it is easy to navigate and you can see it on everything!  Yes, go ahead and give it a try.  If you've got a smart-phone it works there.  If you have a tablet, it works there.  And, of course it will work on your laptop and desktop. 

We know that one of our major membership drivers is the website and that is why we've spent the time and money to make sure our current members and potential members can use it. 

Along with being "responsive" (that's what the geeky people call it) we've added some features like an easier member look up, a better parts look up and this blog. 

Have a spin around the new site and let us know what you think?