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We are so excited!

Here at NTPDA we're so excited!  We're just days away from launching our new website and thought we'd give you a sneak peek at what it looks like. Web image

When we were building our marketing plan it was clear to us and our advertising agency, Insight Advertising, that we needed to create a new website that not only looked cool but was also responsive.  That means it can be seen across all platforms.  And, it's almost done!

So the image you see is a screen shot of just one page of the NTPDA site.  We're hoping it is more inviting to members and those tractor parts friends who are not yet members.

Can you tell we're...excited?

Hurry Up & Wait

Many of you know that the NTPDA office will soon be moving.  It seems Boxes like we've been sharing that information FOREVER because once we think we're set to go we get delayed. That's really not such a bad problem but trying to keep everything in order and finding things we've packed away is clearly a hastle.  Sort of like living out of a suitcase except, as you can see, we've got plenty of "suitcases"!

We can't show you just yet...but coming next week we would like to tease you a little with a peek at our new website. The Board determined that we needed to upgrade the old site (it's been live for nearly eight years) and people who might be using their smart-phones to look us up were missing so much.

Over the past month we've been working with our advertising agency, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications and the staff at DWebware to create a "responsive" website that can be seen and used across all platforms from desktop to smart-phone.  Right now the Board is taking a look at the (close to) finished product and they may have further suggestions.

It's a beautiful day here in Texas and there is a hint of fall in the air.  Thank you for being interested in NTPDA and our tractor and industrial members who serve their industries.  A reminder that we are also on Twitter @NTPDA is where you can find us.

Have a wonderful weekend!


We're the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association and while we're based Welcome in Texas our members come from all over the United States, Australia and Canada.  From one coast the another our members serve the agricultural and industrial world with high quality used, rebuilt and new parts.

We'll be using this blog to share information about the association, our members and the work that we do as a partner in feeding the world to building roads and bridges.

Nothing runs unless the parts on the and our members, both regular and associate, are there to help you fix what's broken.  For nearly thirty years NTPDA has been there for farmers and construction workers.

Thank you for reading, getting to know us and the work we do.  Oh, and what do you think about the new (coming) website?  We call that...responsive! (Oh oh...we've let the cat out of the bag!)  Yes, coming soon your connection to us gets even better. You'll be able to access our site from any device and actually be able to use it. 

We think that's pretty neat!

We're building out our new blogging platform so we can better tell the story about the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association. Join us!