Rock Valley Tractor Parts

Rock Valley Tractor PartsNational Tractor Parts Dealer Association member spotlight this week showcases long time member Rock Valley Tractor Parts

Rock Valley Tractor Parts has been in business since 1938 and has a large, centrally located facility in Rock Valley, IA.  They sell Used, Rebuilt and New tractor parts to farmers, ranchers, restorers, dealers, and other salvage yards.  They are proud of the reputation they have built in the 70+ years of doing business by working with many reputable vendors to give their customers the best quality parts at the lowest possible price.

Their entire inventory of over 150,000 part numbers is on the computer and they are ready to ship.  That means there are over 5,000,000 parts cataloged and inspected so when customers call they can ship the part the same day it is ordered.  They don’t have to go pull it off the tractor and hope it is good, and that saves customers money and downtime.  For orders over $1,000 they will include a free RVTP T-shirt as well.

To learn more about Rock Valley Tractor Parts visit their website at  

Flooding in Iowa

We reached out to our NTPDA member, Scott Schelling of Rock Valley Map_of_rock_valley_iaTractor Parts for an update on the flooding that Iowa community has faced. Many of you know we have several members there.  Here is what Scott told us:

"We had about 6 feet of water in our boneyard, including some old buildings that we store hoods and glass in, but it looks like after the water went away it didn’t ruin anything, it just made a  big mess.  We also have a steel frame building that had 2 inches of water in it for about 6 hours on Tues nite right at the peak of the flood.  It also didn’t do much damage.  The most important part is that my house and main buildings were all spared.  If the river had gone about 4-6 inches higher, it would have gotten in to our main buildings and probably my basement in my house.  The previous record for the Rock river was 19-1/2 feet, and last Weds morning it crested at over 23 feet.  It just went so much higher than any time before that it took many of us by surprise, we just didn’t expect it to go that high.  VH Mfg is very high and dry, they are in a higher part of town, but Brian Kooima had a very close call with his house.  The river was literally across the street from him and he was probably within a couple inches of having a flooded basement.   A&I is also in good shape, they are dry."

We were also able to pick up this video from a crew in the area.  It gives you a better idea to what our friends in Iowa have been experiencing.


In times like's great to have friends.  Here's hoping everybody dries out soon.